University Closings

The President has the authority to determine when local conditions warrant the cancellation of classes or the closing of the entire campus.

Receive Text Alerts

To receive text notification of emergencies or closings, register your mobile phone/device with RaveAlert.


The following radio and television stations have agreed to air notice of closings in the event of inclement weather or for any other reasons:

Radio - AM: WCBS - 880, WINS - 1010.

Radio - FM: WMSC - 90.3, NJ - 101.5.

TV: WCBS - Channel 2, WNBC - Channel 4, FOX - Channel 5, WWOR - Channel 9, News NJ - Channel 12.

University Hotline

In addition, Montclair State provides a weather-related closing hotline number: 973-655-7810.

University News and Social Media

News announcements will be published on the main University website and on the Student Services and Employee Services web pages.

The news announcements also will be posted on the main University Facebook page, the "Class of" Facebook pages, and also on the University's Twitter account. To view the University Social Networking web page to access links.

Department Communication

Each division and department should develop its own emergency closing chain to alert individuals to such information. Faculty teaching late afternoon and evening classes may wish to establish such a closing chain with students so that they can be notified of a canceled class before coming to the campus.

It is possible that there will be occasions when the Governor's office announces a general closing of state offices even though local conditions do not warrant such an action. In this event, employees should follow instructions relayed from Trenton through the President's Office or provided by the radio stations.

When University classes are not canceled but a faculty member is unable to reach the campus because of weather conditions or other reasons, the department chair's office should be notified immediately. Students shall be notified by a posted notice on the door of the classroom that the class is canceled.