Flexible Work Arrangements

Montclair State University offers flexible work arrangements as a voluntary work alternative for some employees and some positions, where practical.

Eligible employees may request one or more of the following:

  • Compressed Schedule: a schedule that reduces the number of work days in a workweek, while keeping the total number of hours worked in a workweek the same.
  • Flextime Schedule: a schedule with variations in an employee’s starting and departure times that are outside of a standard shift (for many employees, this is 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.).
  • Hybrid Schedule: a schedule that permits employees to work from an alternate workplace.

These are voluntary arrangements that will be considered, where practical, to meet the needs of the employee and the University. Flexible work arrangements are not guaranteed and should not be considered a benefit of employment.

Please read the complete Flexible Work Arrangements Policy, and talk to your supervisor if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flexible Work Arrangements

Who is eligible?

Flexible work arrangements are possible for some staff positions, such as those that are computer-based, do not require the performance of in-person activities on campus, or do not require a high level of coordination, collaboration or interaction with students, faculty members or other staff members. Many roles, including instructors, police officers, essential personnel, health care providers and residence life staff are not eligible. Your supervisor, in consultation with your dean or division vice president, will evaluate your role and determine if flexible work arrangements are appropriate.

How do I request a flexible work arrangement?

Discuss it with your supervisor and complete a request in Workday. To submit your request in Workday, enter “Create Request” in the search bar at the top of the Workday home page, then enter “Flexible” in the window that opens up. That will bring up the flexible work arrangements request. You’ll find complete step-by-step instructions in this Quick Guide (PDF).

Can I work remotely 100% of the time?

Most hybrid schedules will include working from an Alternate Workplace for no more than two (2) day a week during the academic year and one (1) day a week when the University implements a Summer Friday schedule, and could be for fewer days in any period. The two days working from an Alternate Workplace cannot be both Monday and Friday.  Any exceptions must be approved by the Vice President for Human Resources.

What if I need a flexible work arrangement due to my disability?

Contact the HR Benefits Team at hr-benefits@montclair.edu. The University’s Flexible Work Arrangements Policy is separate and apart from requests for accommodations made under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

What is expected from me when I am working remotely?

In short, the same expectations as if you were working on campus, including being easily reached during work hours by phone and email; dressing professionally; participating in meetings; and following all applicable University policies. Please see the Flexible Work Arrangements Policy for additional details.

Is a flexible work arrangement guaranteed?

No. Your supervisor may direct you to come to campus if circumstances require it and may also rescind the arrangement if it no longer meets the needs of your work unit or the University, or if you are not meeting expectations. Flexible work arrangements must be reviewed formally at least annually and more frequently on an informal basis between the supervisor and the employee. These are voluntary arrangements and are not considered a benefit of employment.

Will the University provide me with equipment and supplies to work remotely?

If you have been provided with a University laptop computer, you can use it at an alternate workplace. You may also use office supplies purchased by the University. You are expected to provide any other non-portable equipment you may need or prefer such as office furniture, phones, supplemental monitors, printers, scanners and internet connectivity.