Lighting Artwork by MFA student John Spano '16
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New Studio Art Electives

The Department of Art and Design in the College of the Arts offers new Art Studio electives this autumn.

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Character Sheet depicting multiple views of cartoon character

Are you looking for a Studio Elective to take in the Fall 2018 Semester? Look no further!

These unique course offerings are brand new and can be taken by any major and have no pre-requisites! Don’t forget to search under Art & Design/ Gener Stdy (ARGS) to register for these classes! All other entry level studio courses offered by Art and Design are now located under Art & Design/ Art Studio (ARST). See you next semester!


  • Visual Arts Workshop: Veteran Papermaking: A Connective Practice– CRN 47455- ARGS 260-01

9:00am-12:20pm Saturdays with Professor Keefe

Through a multi-disciplinary process, veteran students will learn a connective art practice of building community through participatory art and the transformative craft of papermaking from military uniforms. This course is designed for veteran students to learn basic rag papermaking, pulp printmaking and participatory art, ultimately connecting with each other and local community through story-telling and art making.

  • Visual Arts Workshop: Ceramics: Form, Function, and Food– CRN 47335- ARGS 260-09

    2 People playing with ceramic tube and food

5:30pm-8:50pm Thursdays with Professor Kaba

This course is a study of the traditional, contemporary, and experimental design of objects used for consuming food.   Students will design and create their own objects to be used for eating and drinking and be challenged to reinvent the traditional cup, plate, and bowl.  Hand-building, slip casting and wheel throwing techniques will all be covered in this course.

  •   Visual Arts Workshop: Intermediate 2D Animation– CRN 47336- ARGS 260-10

    2D Animation Character Sheet

11:00am-2:20pm Thursdays with Professor Campbell

Students will envision and create environments which complement character animation and story. Storyboarding and layout design assignments will teach the necessity for successful results. Ultimately, students will strengthen their ability to create digital 2D animation.

  • Visual Arts Workshop: Intro Object Oriented Programming– CRN 47337- ARGS 260-11

5:00pm-8:20pm Tuesdays with Professor Santoso

This course covers foundational knowledge of programming to understand the object-oriented methodology. Throughout the course, students will use the standard library of C++ programming language.