Image of people looking at artwork during a Finley Gallery exhibition

Finley Gallery Exhibitions

2023 Exhibitions

Departmental Show | Junior Level Juried Exhibition (March 18, 2023 – April 5, 2023)

Photo of sculptural artwork by Nina Boganeko

The exhibition represents a culmination of this semester’s Junior level students from mid-level art classes such as Intermediate Digital Painting, Cartooning, Text & Image, 3D & Extended Media, Painting, and Time. The exhibit will include a variety of media exploring a range of themes, and producing compelling works that communicate diverse concepts.

Integrative Studio II Show (February 28, 2023 – March 13, 2023)

This exhibition was a culmination of a six-week journey shared by visual arts students across both sections of Integrative Studio II. Taking the piñata as the starting point of their investigation, the artists delved deeply into the subject to expand their understanding of its historical content, materiality, and cultural significance. Building on their research, they created a range of works with distinct approaches to ideas of construction, deconstruction, and transformation. The artists themselves collectively organized this public sharing of their works—each section finding its own way within the shared space of the galleries.

Section 01: Integrative Innovation (Finley Gallery & Calcia 207)

Joanna Benito Rosas, Kelsie Black, Julia Brubaker, Caroline Carvalho, Matt Ciattarelli, Nichole Craig, Agata Drapala, Joseph Fontaina, Kaylee Killat, Christian Loureiro, Aaliyah Mancero, Sailor Marfiewicz, Ethan Mele, Yvette Michaca Velazquez, Joseph Moreno, Puru Shah, Alex Silva

Section 02: Studio2: In Search of Change (Finley Gallery & Annex Galleries)

Deborah Akingbala, Thomas Brockman, Jay Cadavid, Amber Concepcion, Philip Esquite, Amneylin Familia, Dakota Ferdon, Clara Ford, Dynasty Houser, Alyssa Lorenzo, Molly Mateus, Jack Mault, Bianca Oropallo, Claire Patacao, Georgia Penaloza, Jillian Scheef, Maria Fernanda Valdivia, Nova Velez

Student Work

Fashion Illustration Show (February 17, 2023 – February 22, 2023)

Image of artwork from Fashion Illustration Show at Finley Gallery, February 2023

This fashion illustration exhibit showcased original design illustrations and presentation layouts. Students designed, created, developed, and prepared 2D original visuals that can become 3D professionally executed looks. The fashion design students incorporated their extensive fashion design knowledge by using programs Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to develop these original illustrations.

Through this process of fashion design realization and visual communication, each student’s personal vision evolved and came to life.

Exhibition PhotosStudent Work

Student Art Exhibition Show (January 17, 2023 – February 15, 2023)

Image of student looking at artwork at Finley Gallery Exhibition

The exhibition represented a culmination of last semester’s work from lower level classes such as Figure Drawing, Perceptual Drawing, Beginning Painting, Beginning Printmaking, Digital Photo and Imaging 1, Surface, Time, and Intro to Illustration. And upper level classes such as Integrative Studio I, 3-D Extended Media, Products & Zines, and Illustration Studio 3: Editorial. The exhibit included drawings, illustrations, printmaking prints, digital art, sculpture, photographs, zines, and more. The 103 artists came from diverse backgrounds and used a variety of media to explore a wide range of themes to produce compelling works that communicate their ideas. This showcased the real breath of all the talent for the Arts & Design Department.

Exhibition Photos