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Announcing: GameCon ’18 – Animation/Illustration Open House

Our Interactive Media and Gaming class NEEDS YOU to choose your favorite of five games we built this term!

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GameCon'18 Promotional Poster

We would like to invite all of you to visit the Game Con ’18 on April 25th 10AM-1PM at Calcia 229.

This event is part of the Interactive Media and Gaming class of the Animation/Illustration major and it features games that have all been completely internally developed by Montclair State Animation/Illustration students.

Attendees will have the unique opportunity to experience a range of gameplay, including PC-genres such as scavenger, adventure, and 2.5D games. To boot: we have developed a mobile VR game and wearable VR game using the Microsoft Mixed-Reality headset.

Here are the participants of Game Con ‘18:

  • Alight, Scavenger Game
    Team: Courtney Crann, Jemar Steele, Amber Sealy, Emily Louka
  • Frosty Fiasco, Adventure Game
    Team: Kaylin Vee, Rosalie Vigliano, Nicole Sicari, Ryan Hamilton
  • Pajama Island, 2,5D Game
    Team: Richard Guzman, Jhonathan Ade, David Cline, Chantel Yague
  • Capt. Carroll, Mobile VR Game with GoogleVR
    Team: Lauren Carroll, Mark Sado, James O’Neill, Noel Mabaso
  • Spooky Maze, VR Game with Microsoft Mixed-Reality Headset
    Team: Chloe Cruz, George Adorno, Austin Burnett, Lizbeth Peguero

For more about this event (and to save it to your calendar): GameCon ’18