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2018 BFA Thesis Exhibition at the George Segal Gallery

The BFA Thesis Exhibition showcases the innovative works of our talented students completing their undergraduate degree in the fine arts.

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The Department of Art and Design is pleased to present the 2018 BFA Thesis Exhibition at the George Segal Gallery.

The Thesis Show ran through May 23 and featured works from students in the Studio Art, Animation & Illustration, and Visual Communication majors. A reception announcing Department of Art and Design Student Awards was held on the 21st, prior to the College of the Arts Convocation.

The BFA Thesis Exhibition showcases the innovative works of our talented students completing their undergraduate degree in the fine arts. Throughout the year, art and design majors delve into personal themes, concepts, and various disciplines towards the goal of achieving a mature body of work–this thesis show is the culmination of these efforts.

The exhibition featured pieces from the following student artists:

Christopher Capone
Kelsey Christensen
Sara Clement
Lela Couram
Rosanna DiPaolo
Jennifer Irizarry
Joshua Leclerc
Nicole Olivares
Sasha Rodriguez
Mark Sado
Evan Tortorelli
Eric Volandt
Matthew Addonizio
Courtney Crann
Tayllor Cunningham
Corianne Darienzo
Robinson Donazal
David Dunay
Danielle Graham
Daniel Hilton
Kristin Laubauskas
Sarah Lee
Noel Mabaso
James O’Neil
Nicole Sicari
Julia Williams
Jhonathan Ade
Robert Barling
Leanna Griffin
Richard Guzman
Jessica Judy
Emily Louka
Carmen Montalvo
Amber Sealy
Victoria Septien
Jemar Steele
Lindsay Truszkowski

Eman Alnababteh
Sono Arima
Marina Romo
Laura Morillo
Craig Peters
Khrystyna Posiko

Sean Bavazzano
Paul Calabrese
Haley Connolly
Ariana Dela Vega
Kelly DeNaples
Melanie Egan
Anthony Giordano
Vivian Gonzalez
Bradley Gross
Ramzi Husein
Victoria Kiefer
Andy Lucero
Kyle Markham
Leslie Martinez
Suzan Muradova
Denae Nelson
Oladapo Onikuyide
Dominique Perez
Michelle Quail
Peter Radomski
Roy Rodriguez
Dominic Sylvester
Austin Tam
Haydee Villilo
Kevin Weinpel
Christianna Wenman
Lauren Wisnewski

This year’s BFA thesis show comprises a selection of painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics, graphic design, animation, 3D modeling, illustration, and mixed media works.

View 360 photos of the exhibition on the day of the reception:

bfa gallery 3d exhibit
View 360 image of Segal Gallery South
bfa gallery sculpture
View 360 image of Segal Gallery North
View the exhibition gallery:
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