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Mending a Reflection: Professor Heffernan Speaks About Her Upcoming Exhibition

Montclair State Professor of Art Julie Heffernan shares insight into her process and message in preparation for a solo exhibition in South Jersey.

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Julie Heffernan

Professor of Visual Arts at the department of Art and Design, Julie Heffernan’s magic realist paintings are fantasies dealing with real world issues. Her mystical, layered narratives maintain roots in traditional painting, while exploring current-day themes including climate change, feminism, and the #metoo movement.

State of the Arts visited Professor Heffernan while on sabbatical in her Brooklyn studio, where we get a glimpse of her technique and thought process. Professor Heffernan is preparing for the opening of her solo exhibition Mending a Reflection at Rowan University Art Gallery (September 3 – October 26, 2019).

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