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Professor Emeritus, Klaus Schnitzer and other faculty from the Department of Art & Design to showcase at Art Fair 14C

Countdown Begins: 5th Edition of Art Fair 14C among many other art events happening during Jersey City Art Week from October 12th-15th.

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Klaus Schnitzer photograph

Art Fair 14C annually provides a showcase for hundreds of artists from New Jersey, New York, and around the world, giving area art lovers exposure to a wide variety of visual arts, of all kinds and for all budgets. Unique to Art Fair 14C, and of central importance to their mission, is The Showcase, which is for New Jersey-based artists. The 5th edition of Art Fair 14C will be held from October 12-15th in Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ.

Join us in experiencing the captivating world of photography through the lens of Professor Emeritus, Klaus Schnitzer at the 5th Edition of Art Fair 14C. Delve into the visual storytelling and artistic interpretations as Klaus Schnitzer unveils his latest collection. With decades of expertise and insightful perspective, his photography promises to transport you into a different realm. Don’t miss the opportunity to see Professor Emeritus Klaus Schnitzer’s photography!

On view will be “Ghost Trees” – mysterium arbores by Klaus Schnitzer

“Like many of us during the uneasy confinements of the COVID-19, I struggled to find peace in the long hours of the night. I wandered through my neighborhood parks, where the quality and paucity of light turned ordinary benign surroundings into mysterious and unfamiliar places. Trees, especially captured my imagination, during these night time travels. They became looming portentous characters, reflecting my qualms with the world.

I choose to visualize this unease by selective lighting on these arboreal ghosts, creating midnight scenarios imbued with uncertainty and a hint of threat. In some of the scenes, I placed discarded personal items to invoke the universally shared sense of loss at that time, and to suggest ghost-like traces of unknowable past events.”

-Klaus Schnitzer

To find out more information about Klaus and his work, please visit his website,

Alongside the mesmerizing photography of Professor Emeritus Klaus Schnitzer, we are thrilled to present another brilliant photographer, one of our newest adjunct professors, Megan Maloy.

“The work I will be showing is part of a series of photographic portraits of my daughter that are inspired by characters from children’s fairy tales. My daughter just turned 13 years old. The photographs are my way of holding on to her childhood as she turns into a teenager. As she grows up, one of the many things that has changed is that we do not read bedtime stories together anymore. Putting her into these stories through portraits is my way of holding onto part of her childhood.”

-Megan Maloy

Happening at the same time (and part of Jersey City’s Art Week) will be the JC Art and Studio tour also known as JCAST. Megan will be showing the second half of her series in her open studio at 150 Bay Street in Jersey City at the same time.

To find out more information about Megan and her work, please visit her website,