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Empowering Civic Engagement Through Art: A collaboration between Livia Alexander and artist Macon Reed

Associate Professor Livia Alexander collaboration with artist Macon Reed leads to publication of their work.

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Back in 2018, Livia Alexander had the honor to collaborate with artist Macon Reed to activate her work, A Pressing Conference. Initially showcased in an exhibition curated by Livia alongside Isin Onol and Richard Jochum at Columbia University’s Teachers College, the project transitioned into a course taught by Livia at Montclair State University.

With the midterm elections coinciding mid-semester, the timing proved opportune to explore the significance of a creative practice in civic engagement.

Montclair State University students engaged with Macon’s vibrant, handcrafted sculptural installation inspired by the White House press briefing room and then dedicated their semester to staging a performance at the Montclair Art Museum, amplifying their voices on overlooked issues.

“I’m so grateful and honored to have this work the focus of Dr. Eungie Lee’s recent article: “Socially engaged art in the classroom: A study of “A Pressing Conference” by Macon Reed as curricular content,” published in the Journal of Research in Art Education.” – Livia Alexander

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