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Ebb and Flow

A collaborative transatlantic art exhibition led by students in Scotland and the United States

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The Department of Art & Design is delighted to announce the opening of
an international exhibition that will showcase the work of students from the Department of Art & Design at Montclair State University and students from the Duncan of Jordonstone College of Art and Design in two different locations. Twenty three artists from New Jersey, USA and Dundee, Scotland have worked collaboratively and remotely to produce a pair of exhibitions called Ebb & Flow.

Ebb and Flow is an active collaboration that serves to bridge the Atlantic Ocean using art and expression. The exhibition unites the creative forces of students from Montclair State University in the United States and students from the University of Dundee in Scotland. The title speaks to the major theme of the exhibition, ebb and flow, and all of the personal interpretations of the phrase. Similar to the traditional tides of the ocean, many aspects of our world ebb and flow. The rhythm of life, our emotions, our environment, our political landscapes—everything around us transforms over time.

Each artist offers a unique exploration of the theme relative to their own experiences, cultural backgrounds, and artistic vision. The exhibition encourages visitors to contemplate the ebbs and flows of their own lives and find themselves within the work. The uniqueness of the transatlantic collaboration is highlighted throughout the exhibit. Through digital platforms, cross-continental communication was paramount to the process. Using those methods, artists from both countries have come together to co-create each piece. They serve as visual and tangible evidence of the interwoven nature of the digital world and the current nature of collaboration present in all aspects of life.

Montclair State University students participating are: Valerie Luxama, Ray Luly, Sadie Vizcaino, Dylan Danuser, Aisha Khateeb, Sophia Kim, Sam Herrera, Emmanuella Ponzio, Jack Deitch, and Sean Santos.

Join us from March 30th to April 6th, 2024, in the Leach Gallery in Montclair, NJ and the Keiller Center in Dundee as we celebrate the unification of talents, perspectives, and cultures. Together, we can explore the flow that connects us in an ever-changing world.

The closing reception will take place on April 6th from 5pm-8pm. The Studio Montclair Leach Gallery is located at 641 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair, NJ 07042.