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Law School Admissions Timeline

Aspiring Law Students!

It’s never too early to begin preparing for the law school admission process. Academic performance, regardless of major, will be used as evidence to demonstrate your readiness for law school.

FIRST-YEAR: Get Connected and Start Exploring

  • Meet with Pre-Law Advisor. Identify courses, professors, and student organizations that support your interests. Form and reflect on career goals.
  • Create a JD account on to start getting recruited by law schools.
  • Attend law school admission events and apply for law school pipeline programs.

SOPHOMORE: Focus on Leadership and Excellence

  • Enroll in courses that are challenging as well as exciting. Build relationships with professors in-class and during office hours. Pursue research and writing projects.
  • Volunteer for leadership positions and community involvement.
  • Get to know more law schools at admission events. Participate in Mock Trial Competition.

JUNIOR: Gain Experience and Prep for the LSAT

  • Apply for full-time and part-time internships. Take Logic and other courses that require critical thinking.
  • Start preparing for the LSAT by using the Khan Academy and LSAC’s LawHub LSAT practice tests.
  • Visit law school campuses and apply for law school pipeline programs in NJ and across the U.S.
  • Participate in Mock Trial Competition and other leadership activities.

SENIOR: Take the LSAT and Apply to Law School

  • Apply for LSAC Fee Waiver and request testing accommodations on, 12 weeks before your official LSAT test date.
  • Request letters of recommendation from professors and internship supervisor.
  • Meet with Pre-Law Advisor about law school application materials and strategy
  • Find and apply for law school scholarships on and