Photo of Red Hawk Statue in spring

Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Montclair State University is to provide academically rigorous and relevant programs of study that contribute to the development of an informed and engaged civil society.

To actualize this mission, the College is comprised of faculty with exceptional academic or professional credentials who maintain a strong commitment to their fields of study and their individual development as teachers and scholars. These faculty lead students who have demonstrated the potential for high achievement and are themselves participants in learning.

The College’s programs develop in students the ability to discover, create, evaluate, apply and share knowledge while at Montclair State University and throughout their lifetimes. Academic programs are designed to cultivate the ability to think critically, to act ethically, and to become informed citizen-participants prepared to assume leadership roles in their communities and beyond.

The College will remain committed to the General Education program for all undergraduates and the ongoing development of courses that are pedagogically innovative and effective in meeting the University’s General Education Student Learning Outcomes. The General Education program is the intellectual core that will evolve in concert with the changing areas of study that are relevant to new generations of students.

The College will also lead in the development of graduate programs that are responsive to the needs of society. At the core of each program will be use-inspired research that is collaboratively undertaken by faculty and students. Graduate programs put knowledge to use in constructive, inspiring and practical ways that are ultimately beneficial to the people of New Jersey and throughout the world.