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About the College

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) combines a traditional liberal arts education with focused preparation in a wide range of disciplines and professional areas. With more than 20 majors, nearly 50 minors and numerous areas of graduate study and professional certificate programs, we offer students the opportunity to begin a lifetime of learning in the humanities and social sciences while preparing for a successful career.

Building skills

Whatever the field of study, CHSS students engage in reading, writing, research and analytical thinking that prepare them for success in many areas of work and in post-baccalaureate study. Employers often report a preference for liberal arts graduates who have strong communication and thinking skills that encourage creativity and innovation. Law schools, medical school and other professional and graduate programs seek students who can write well, who are skilled in problem-solving and who are comfortable in a diverse environment.

Areas of study

Students can major or minor in fields that consider issues of age-old importance and new areas of study that have developed in response to the complexity of a globalizing human community. CHSS programs include Anthropology; Classics and General Humanities; Child Advocacy; EnglishGender, Sexuality and Women’s StudiesHistory; Jurisprudence; Justice StudiesModern Language and Literatures; Philosophy; Political Science and Law; Psychology; Religion; Sociology; Spanish and Latino Studies and Writing Studies.

CHSS majors and minors can reach across disciplines, exploring areas of interest from multiple perspectives. Our interdisciplinary majors and minors, in particular, allow students to draw from a range of disciplinary areas to better understand topics such as gender, religion and international studies.

Beyond the classroom

A CHSS education reaches beyond classroom and campus. Political Science students can intern at the Clinton Foundation or at the Washington Center. Students may tutor schoolchildren and work with community organizations and agencies, and have been placed in settings as diverse as PBS and People Magazine. Communication Sciences and Disorders students staff clinics on and off campus. World Language students study abroad all over the world, from Nice to Shanghai.

Building a future

The CHSS curriculum offers students professional certification as child advocates, speech and language therapists, paralegals and teachers of psychology, social studies, foreign languages, literature and linguistics. Students with a CHSS degree have achieved success in a wide range of careers. English majors teach, work in law firms, college admissions offices and prominent publications. Psychology majors are now nurses, social workers, speech therapists; some work in marketing and at the New York State Supreme Court. Foreign Language majors are often employed in international settings such as the United Nations.

The College houses a full-time Career Services Director who can assist students in developing career plans that match their interests, skills and academic experiences.

Many students seek post-baccalaureate education in graduate or professional schools. CHSS students have been admitted to highly-regarded medical and law schools, MBA programs and graduate programs in humanities and social sciences disciplines. Departmental and program advisors work closely with students to help them find the field and program appropriate to their interests and skills.