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Student Services


The student services team at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences is here to encourage a positive student experience. We offer academic advising and career development support services.


  • To offer relevant advice as students navigate academic responsibilities
  • To inspire and motivate students to explore and take charge of their career
  • To create opportunities and connections for students to build a positive success network

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Services Offered By Appointment

Schedule an appointment with one of our Academic Advisors to discuss your major, minor, transfer credits, graduation plan, registration questions, course issues and/or how to utilize campus resources. Learn how to develop a relationship with your faculty advisor and be efficient about degree completion.

Career Development

Grade Grievance/Problems/Concerns

Need help or advice solving a problem on any topic?

We look forward to working with you.

CHSS Student Services Team
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Location: Dickson Hall, Dean’s Office 4th Floor