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CHSS Initiatives

CHSS Initiatives AY 2021-2022

The Dean’s CHSS Initiatives are a new set of programs to support a stronger research environment, increased opportunities to enhance student success, and a deeper sense of community and collaboration in the College and between the College and the larger community.  These initiatives emerged from the discussions and proposals of the College Reform Committee.  The Strategic Review Committee, made up of College faculty and staff, will govern the allocation of these new strategic resources, in conjunction with the College Advisory Board and the Dean’s Office.  New funding for professional development specifically for Instructional/Clinical Specialists and for College staff members, student travel, and additional conference travel for faculty offers support to all members of the CHSS community.

CHSS Interdisciplinary Groups

Rationale: CHSS Interdisciplinary Groups are designed to promote a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration. The Dean’s Office will support faculty teams that encourage the advancement of interdisciplinary methodologies, pedagogies, research, and collaboration.

Criteria and Selection Process: CHSS faculty can apply for funding. Teams should consist of at least three people from at least three different departments. Group proposals that are more diverse in membership will be more highly valued. Fields of study could include any theme that transcends departmental/disciplinary lines. Applications should provide a detailed proposal (no more than 2 pages) highlighting the area(s) of interest and the means of examination or exploration. Proposals should identify the central guiding question or topic, the scope of the proposed collaboration, and the expected final outcome.

Topic questions for the interdisciplinary study should be well-defined. For example, it should not just be stated that we want to study the Middle Ages, but rather define the time period, the nations involved and the areas of focus that will be considered by the group.

The expected outcome of the collaboration should contribute to strengthening the research, teaching or service missions of the College and can include research oriented projects, fostering research networks in and outside of the university, professional training, workshops, lecture series, a reading group, or pedagogical technologies. A final report on the outcome of the collaboration should be presented to the Dean’s Office by June 30.

What can be funded: food, books and other reading materials, and guest speakers. Maximum Dean’s Office sponsorship is $2000 per team.
For questions about CHSS Interdisciplinary Groups please contact Holly Methven.

2021-2022 Interdisciplinary Group Initiative Results

CHSS Student Research Fellowships

Rationale: Success Measure 3.1.4 of the Strategic Plan (Project Soar) calls for Montclair State to ”increase the number of students who participate in faculty research by 50%” by the year 2025. We recognize that there are two primary stumbling blocks to this goal: first, students often need to work during the summers when more intensive research can be done; and second, most faculty do not have the resources to pay student researchers. Therefore, CHSS Student Research Fellowships will offer students the opportunity to work on a paid research project alongside academics from across the College over the summer. They last for at least one month and up to two months. Fellows are required to participate for 35 hours per week

Criteria and Selection Process: Specific projects will be proposed by full time CHSS faculty (tenured and tenure track) and Instructional/Clinical Specialists. Projects will be posted online for students to review, and students will submit an application form for up to two projects that interest them. Faculty sponsors will use a rubric to review applications for their own projects, and will select a candidate. Appropriate research roles can vary widely and can include anything from for example laboratory work, data collection, management and analysis, conducting interviews, or undertaking a literature review.


Friday, January 28th
Faculty must submit their research projects no later than Friday, January 28th. Faculty submissions will be compiled into one list and provided online for student review.
Friday, February 4th
The Student Research Fellowship Projects List will be available online in February or March for student review.
Friday, April 1st
Students must submit their Research Fellowship Applications (limit of two) no later than midnight on Friday, April 1st.
Friday, April 29th
Students will be notified of research fellowship decisions by Friday, April 29th.

Students can apply for up to two Research Fellowships, but can only participate in one Fellowship per year should they be accepted. Applications are due by midnight April 1, 2022. Decisions will be announced April 29, 2022.

Successful applicants for the Student Research Fellowships will attend a compulsory half day orientation. The workshop will provide an overview of the scheme, introduce Fellows to the work expectations and is an opportunity for Fellows to meet each other and to ask any questions they might have.

At the end of the Fellowship students will be required to produce and submit an assessment, reflecting on their experience. This work does not provide students with formal credit.

Faculty Research Project Submission Form due by Friday, January 28th.
The Student Research Fellowship Projects List will be available in February or March.
Student Research Fellowship Application due by midnight on Friday, April 1st.
For questions about CHSS Student Research Fellowships please contact Holly Methven.

CHSS Pre-Tenure Support

Rationale: In keeping with the university’s Mission Statement, which aims to “recruit faculty with exceptional academic or professional credentials and a deep commitment to the pursuit of their development as teachers and scholars,” CHSS now offers a competitive program to award small grants of up to $1000 to Pre-Tenure full-time faculty. We recognize that Pre-Tenure faculty are often at a disadvantage when it comes to competitive grant support. These grants are intended to aid in the completion of a specific project related to an eventual tenure application. Priority will be given to projects near completion, and as such, a quick turnaround should be expected both in the application process, and in the eventual use of the award. Examples of likely projects include, but are not limited to:

• Indexing costs for the publication of a first book
• Research assistants for the final phases of a project
• Follow-up travel (return trip to a research site or archive after primary data collection/archival research has been completed)

Criteria and Selection Process: Full-time, tenure track faculty through the 5th year of service who have not yet received tenure are eligible to apply. An online application form must be completed, including a description of the project, an explanation of how the funds will be used, and an approximate completion date. Individual awards will be made up to $1000. Faculty may apply for Pre-Tenure support grants in subsequent years prior to their tenure application, but priority will be given to faculty who have not yet received such an award.

 Pre-Tenure Support Application Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until funds are expended.
For questions about CHSS Pre-Tenure Support please contact Holly Methven.

CHSS Faculty Research Fellowships

Rationale: In keeping with the University’s commitment to produce and support research excellence, CHSS offers a new competitive program to award grants up to $5000 to support faculty with research needs beyond the scope of existing schemes (including start up funds, grant-funded research, conference travel, and Separately Budgeted Research awards). We recognize that faculty who have exhausted their start up monies, work in areas in which grants are not possible or very limited, or are between projects and need to conduct pilot or scoping research face disadvantages in conducting and completing research projects. This includes field research (domestic or international), preliminary studies needed in order to refine proposals (whether for grants, book proposals, or to orient new research directions), or exceptional additional conference travel.

Criteria and Selection Process: All full time faculty are eligible, although faculty with existing start up funds or active grants will be the lowest priority for support. Proposals should be no more than 3 pages single spaced, with an attached budget. The CHSS Advisory Board will provide the first review and rating so proposals must be written in accessible language. Priority will be given to proposals that are topical and that demonstrate the value of the research to a broad, public audience. An online application form must be completed, including a description of the project, an explanation of how the funds will be used, and an approximate completion date. Eligible items for funding include travel, research assistance, and materials. Salary is not eligible for funding.

Awards will be granted up to $5000. Applications are due by April 1st.

Faculty Research Fellowship due by Friday, April 1st.
For questions about CHSS Faculty Research Fellowships please contact Holly Methven.

CHSS Unpaid Internship Scholarship

Please visit the CHSS Unpaid Internship Scholarship webpage under CHSS Career Development for more information.