Cogen Plant

Energy Management

The Office of Energy Management is responsible for the evaluation of current energy usage, the effective analysis of energy consumption and for safeguarding the assets of the University in the advancement of its fundamental mission of teaching, learning and research.

Montclair State University consistently monitors energy usage and seeks ways to further reduce its energy footprint through optimizing operating efficiency in plant and building operations.

Montclair State University and UMM Energy Partners, LLC have formed a major public-private partnership and constructed a new combined heating, cooling, and power plant (CHCP) for the campus.

The CHCP provides natural gas-fired electric generation, chilled water for cooling and steam for heat. The steam, condensate, and chilled water flow to and from campus buildings through the new energy distribution system. Additionally, the majority of the campus’ electricity requirements are satisfied by the onsite plant, which is designed to operate continuously, producing electric power of approximately 5.4 megawatts. The plant is located on Yogi Berra Drive, adjacent to the CarParc Diem parking garage.

In addition to the University’s new and efficient combined heat and power systems, the University generates electricity from its 285 kWdc solar field.


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