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The Division of University Facilities is dedicated to providing first-rate service and maintaining a clean, safe environment. A key component of this is our commitment to provide our staff with access to various types of training.  Each staff member has the opportunity to participate in professional development seminars, computer literacy training through the Division of Information Technology’s Technology Training and Development Services, health and safety training through the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, informative personnel seminars through the Division of Human Resources, and job-specific skills training.

Computer stations are available around campus for our employees’ convenience. These stations, known as “Connect Corners” are available 24/7 for Facilities staff to use for Cornerstone training, or to access the Workday Human Resources system.

Training Courses Available at Montclair State University

Courses are open to all employees and the general public.  Register online or at the door.

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Heartsaver CPR AED Certification Workshops (Adult/Infant/Child)



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Training for Facilities Employees

University Facilities supports and encourages its employees to take advantage of training and professional development opportunities to enhance job skills, to promote career development, and to expand the knowledge base of the Division.


Eligible Employees

Classified, Unclassified, and Managerial employees who have been employed full-time at Montclair State University for a period of one year or more are eligible to participate in professional development and/or training activities which are directly applicable to the employee’s job responsibilities. The conference or course must be directly related to an employee’s present position or career potential.  Employees must enroll in courses while employed by Montclair State University and have eligible employee status upon payment.

Where mandated by job title, staff are required to attend training.

Ineligible Employees

Full-time employees who meet the basic eligibility requirements but are in probationary, Leave Without Pay or disciplinary status are not eligible for reimbursement.  Individuals whose job performance is not determined to maintain at least a satisfactory rating are not eligible for reimbursement.  Part-time, Temporary, Student, and Contract employees are not eligible to participate in this program.

How to Request Training
  1. The employee will complete all Division and University forms and submit them to his or her department manager for approval. If the employee is being assigned to a development course by his or her manager, the manager will complete the forms on behalf of the employee and sign his or her approval.  All forms must include written information about the conference or development course and the associated travel, lodging, and registration costs directly from the sponsoring organization and other authorized sources as specified by the Montclair State Travel Regulations policy.
  2. If approved, the manager will forward the completed and approved forms to the department AVP for approval.
  3. If approved, the AVP will forward the forms to UF Learning & Development for processing and validation.
  4. UF Learning & Development will review the forms, confirm that the employee is eligible to participate, and verify that funding is available before forwarding to the Vice President for final approval.
  5. If after review of forms, the development opportunity or conference is deemed to not be directly applicable to the employee’s job, the request shall be denied by the Vice President. The employee then has the option to attend the development activity or conference on his or her personal time and expense.
  6. UF Learning & Development will inform the requestor that the request has been approved (or denied).
  7. UF Learning & Development will work directly with the employee to pay for registration and transportation fees, if applicable.
Post-Training Reimbursement Procedure
  1. After completion of the activity, the employee must submit proof of attendance. The employee must also provide a written report of what was learned within five (5) days of his or her return to work.  Failure to provide proof of completion and the written report within the designated time frame will result in the employee assuming responsibility for payment for the activity.
  2. The employee will prepare a Travel Reimbursement Form according to University guidelines and attach all required receipts.  The GSA per diem rate pages are to be used for meal allowances.  The sheets are to be printed and included as documentation with the request.  Take specific note of first and last day meal allowances and incidentals which are reduced to 75% of the GSA daily rates.  Approval workflow includes your manager, the Associate Director of Learning and Development, the Vice President for University Facilities, and the Director of Facilities Financial Management prior to submission to Accounts Payable.
Training Forms and Resources

Cornerstone Online LMS

In October 2016, University Facilities implemented the Cornerstone Learning Management System (LMS). Cornerstone allows University Facilities staff to participate in online training courses and serves as a repository for tracking all training activities within the Division.

Please contact the Learning and Development office for assistance with Cornerstone.

Facilities Acclimation and Onboarding

Welcome to Montclair State University. University Facilities is more than a workplace. We open the doors to opportunity at Montclair State and we are excited to share the mission of University Facilities.

The Facilities Welcome Workshop is designed to introduce employees to the culture of our division.  New full-time hires are required to attend all acclimation and onboarding activities.  Information communicated in the Welcome Workshop includes organizational structure, nomenclature, roles, responsibilities, expectations of employees and University culture. Supervisors must register attendees by 3:00 p.m. on the Wednesday prior to the Workshop.

University Facilities acclimation and onboarding strives to:

  • Welcome employees to the Division.
  • Help employees develop positive working relationships by building a foundation of knowledge about the University’s history, mission, vision, values and culture.
  • Educate employees about their roles and how their contributions help achieve the University’s goals.
  • Provide information on University policies, procedures and operations.
  • Offer resources, assistance and paths for growth for each employee.
  • Create a sense of excitement about working in University Facilities.

University Facilities Acclimation Activity Schedule:

Day 1
University Facilities Welcome Workshop 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Day 2
Lunch with University Facilities “Buddy” Noon – 1:00 p.m.
Campus Tour & Introduction to Work Team 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Day 3
Labor Employee Operations Workshop 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Welcome Workshop Instructor: Joana Dos Santos
Workshop Location: Overlook Building- 150 Clove Road, Little Falls

Operations Workshop Instructor: Jacqueline Alvarez
Workshop Location:
Overlook Building- 150 Clove Road, Little Falls

Employee Recognition Program: Honoring the Shining Stars of University Facilities

2019 John Dennis Award Recipient Bijo Joseph and friends

University Facilities hosts an annual employee recognition program in June, where staff achievements in leadership, education, job performance, exceptional workplace creativity, teamwork, and service milestones are highlighted.  The highest honor, the John W. Dennis Leadership Award, is bestowed upon an employee with five or more years of service who has demonstrated exceptional abilities to lead, serve, inspire, and collaborate with broad impact.  It is named in honor of John Dennis, a Locksmith and former president of the IFPTE Local 195 bargaining unit who worked at Montclair State from 1972 until his death in 2012.

John W. Dennis Leadership Award Honorees

2019 – Bijo Joseph, Postal Services

2018 – Yvelices Nunez, Shuttle Bus Services

2017 – Liliam Turino, Housekeeping Services/SCATH

2016 – Jermaine Jeffries, Moving Services/Campus

Awards are presented annually at the University Facilities Division Meeting in the following categories: Kudos Award, Red Hawk Service Award, Star Service Award, Graduate Award, Service Milestone Award, John W. Dennis Leadership Award.  The awards eligibility cycle is from July 1 through June 30; however, nominations for Kudos Awards are accepted year-round with certificates distributed to employees upon receipt of the nomination.

Employee Recognition PolicyEmployee Recognition Nomination Form

S.O.S. Campaign: Seeing, Owning, and Solving Maintenance Issues on Campus

Q: What should you do if you see something broken, out of place, or you just know, or feel, is not right?

A:  Report the issue to the Facilities Customer Service Center or your supervisor so they may take appropriate measures to ensure it’s fixed.

University Facilities is excited to implement the employee awareness campaign S.O.S.: See it. Own it. Solve it.  The goal of S.O.S. is to raise staff awareness of everyday campus maintenance issues and to help keep our buildings and grounds safe by reporting problems to the appropriate parties- even if they fall outside the scope of your daily responsibilities.

Are You Ready for the S.O.S. Challenge?

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