Photo of surplus furniture in storage area.

Surplus Furniture

University Facilities has developed a Surplus Furniture Program in order to ensure that we get the most use out of all University-owned furniture and ancillary assets, which includes items such as workspace furniture, instructional furniture, tables, seating, storage, architectural interior products, and accessories that are no longer needed or useful in their current location but are still in usable condition.

Our goals through this program are to:

  • Extend the useful life of University assets by repurposing as many of these items as possible.
  • Help departments save on the cost of furnishing their office spaces.
  • Reduce the University’s carbon footprint by keeping items out of the landfill. (Goal 02-1 of the Facilities Sustainability Plan)

Whether you’re trying to get rid of an extra filing cabinet or need a new desk for your office, we can help!

Send to Surplus

How to Send Items to Surplus

If you have furniture or other items that you’d like to remove from your on-campus office space or other departmental location, we’ll work with Capital Planning & Project Management (CPPM) to assess the item(s) and determine how to best redistribute them.

  • Enter a Furniture Move Request through Maximo to let us know you have items you’d like us to take and include the following information for each item:
    • Photograph(s) of the item(s)
    • Item dimensions: measure the height, width & length of item(s)
    • Type of item: Seating, Storage, Desk, Table, Whiteboards, Filing Cabinet, etc.
    • Quantity of item(s) available
    • Location of the item(s)
    • Date the item is available and must be removed by
    • Description of item(s) condition
  • After we have this information, we’ll be in contact to schedule an appointment to physically inspect the item, or have the item moved out of your space.

Preparing Item(s) for Pickup

Before we remove the items, we ask that you prepare them for pickup. Properly preparing items helps respect our Moving Services staff and protects University assets and the environment.  Please note we are unable to return an item once it has been picked up.

  • Empty furniture of ALL items prior to pick-up, especially file cabinets.
  • Remove all food waste and clean the interior of mini-refrigerators prior to pick up.
  • Unlock all furniture/file cabinets prior to pick-up and tape keys to the appropriate item.
    • If items are locked and keys cannot be located, please submit a work request for the University’s Lock Shop to open the item and make keys.
  • List ALL items for pickup on the initial request (cabinets, shelves, lamps, couches, desks, cabinets, etc.)
  • Label item(s) for pick-up to assure we collect the correct items (a handwritten note taped to item(s) is fine)
  • Please don’t disassemble any items, it may void their warranty.

Request from Surplus

How to Request Items from Surplus

Once surplus items have been collected and inventoried, Capital Planning & Project Management (CPPM) will make this information available to each of the Colleges, Schools, and Divisions.

  • Enter a Furniture Move Request through Maximo to let us know what type of item(s) you’re looking for.
  • We’ll be in touch to let you know what’s available.
  • We’ll schedule an appointment with you for an in person viewing of any items you are interested in. Appointments will only be scheduled Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm.
  • CPPM will work with you directly to make sure that selected items will be able to fit and function properly in the desired location.
  • You will have a specified amount of time to claim any items before they are relisted as available.

It is important to note the following:

  • Items from the Surplus Program are only available for use on campus or in spaces leased by the University. These items may not be removed or taken for personal use.
  • While most items from Surplus are free of charge, some larger items such as workstations, large conference tables, etc. may incur a cost if outside movers or installers need to be hired. Pricing will be determined and communicated by CPPM.

Dos and Don'ts


  • Do enter your request through Maximo.
  • Do ask if a broken item is covered under warranty for repairs.
  • Do get an approval from a manager.
  • Do review the policy before submitting a request.
  • Do review your needs and/or inventory your surplus furniture ahead of placing your request.


  • Don’t disassemble furniture.
  • Don’t advertise furniture on any of the campus email lists.
  • Don’t remove furniture from the trash.
  • Don’t remove furniture from campus.
  • Don’t dispose of any furniture without permission from the Surplus Program coordinators.