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Facilities Services

204 staff comprise Facilities Services, the the largest department within University Facilities. These men and women are responsible for cleaning, waste removal, recycling, mail and shipping, room set-ups, residential, academic, and administrative relocations, pest management, field maintenance, snow removal, and outdoor maintenance.

Grounds Services

Grounds Services has responsibility for the landscaping care of the entire 252-acre campus. In addition to caring for the University’s hard and soft scapes, Grounds Services also provides Snow and Ice Removal Services during the winter months.

Would you like to donate plants, trees, bulbs or seeds? Please contact the University Foundation.

Cleared walkway on snowy campus

We’re Hiring MSU Students!

Interested in making a few dollars shoveling walkways during the winter months?  Students may learn more about shoveling opportunities on our Employee Resources page.

Student Shoveling Jobs

Housekeeping Services

Housekeeping Services is the largest single work unit in the Division. It is comprised of four distinct functional units, each serving an integral component of the campus:

  • The Academic Unit cleans the buildings that house the University’s numerous academic and instructional programs.
  • The Administrative Unit  provides housekeeping services to buildings that house the administrative functions and processes which support the University’s mission.
  • The Residential Education Unit  is currently comprised of eight residential facilities. The Residential Education unit strives to provide first-rate service in support of living and learning activities managed by staff within the Division of Student Development & Campus Life.
  • The Student Center/Athletics/Theater (SCATH) Unit supports special events and activities for students, employees, and the general public.
Pest Control Services

Facilities Services is responsible for the extermination of insects and small animals/rodents.  A Certified Pest Control Company contracted by the University is on campus every Monday by 7:30 a.m. to provide routine maintenance and to complete any pest control work orders that are in the Maximo Work Order System. As per the University’s commitment to Sustainability as detailed in our Memorandum of Understanding with the US Environmental Protection Agency, the exterminator practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM), the practice of using the least toxic or harmful method of controlling pests.

Residence Halls are treated three (3) times during the academic year, during student breaks.

If you are in need of pest control services please contact the Facilities Customer Service Center at 973-655-5444 or


Moving Services

Moving Services is divided into two work units: Campus Moving and Residential Moving.  The Campus Moving unit moves furniture, boxes, and equipment for Academic and Administrative campus customers.  This group also is tasked with performing meeting room set-ups for on-and-off-campus University events.  The Residential Moving unit performs the same tasks in residence halls.  Please contact the Facilities Customer Service Center at 973-655-5444 or to communicate your moving needs.  Moving activities and relocations associated with capital projects are coordinated through the Department of Capital Planning and Project Management.

Postal Services

Postal Services functions as the University’s liaison to the US Postal Service, guides customers through postal regulations, coordinates daily mail deliveries from the USPS Montclair branch station, and meters all USPS mail submitted by University departments. Postal Services additionally processes all packages shipped through FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT Express, Lasership, Lightening, and all freight divisions.

Not Just Package Handling

We offer Passport and Notary services to University employees, students, and visitors.  Visit our page for information about how to obtain these services.

Learn More about Passport and Notary services

Waste Management Services

Waste Management Services has responsibility for waste removal including recycling. Montclair State University uses a single stream recycling system in all buildings. “Single stream recycling” is the process of collecting all recyclable materials (i.e. mixed paper, plastics, metals, glass, and cans) in the same recycling container to be sorted later, off-site, by the University’s recycling vendor.

Disposal of Waste Material

Sustainability, It’s a Lifestyle

We encourage and develop a responsible and responsive campus community that fosters positive behaviors and attitudes towards environmental stewardship.

Sustainability at MSU

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