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Water at Montclair State

Fill it Forward

Refill your water bottle, earn rewards, and donate to a good cause

University Facilities has partnered with Fill it Forward to encourage our students, faculty, and staff to choose reusable water bottles over single-use plastic bottles.

Fill it Forward works with charitable partners to make a difference around the world. Each time you refill your bottle and scan the posted QR code, you’ll unlock a “donation” that will be given to a charitable organization. It costs you nothing but makes a huge difference to those in need! Be a part of the Montclair Fill it Forward team!

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Get the App!

By downloading the Fill it Forward app from the App Store or Google Play and signing up using your Montclair email account, you’ll be able to

  • join the “Red Hawks Reuse” group and track our collective environmental impact
  • track your individual environmental impact
  • contribute to meaningful charitable projects
  • get automatic entry into our monthly prize draws each time you scan a QR code

Learn more about how it works

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Find a Bottle Filler

Why buy when you can get cool, filtered water for free?

You don’t need to buy bottled water on campus. Bottle fillers have been installed in most buildings on campus and we encourage you to carry a reusable bottle to stay hydrated while you’re here. Check the list in the drop-down below to find one near you.

List of Bottle Filler Locations
Building Name Number of Hydration Stations
Abbott & Costello Center 1
Ben Samuels Children’s Center 2
Blanton Hall 3
Bohn Hall 16
Center for Computing & Information Science 8
Center for Environmental & Life Sciences 2
Cole Hall 3
Dickson Hall 2
Dinallo Heights 2
Freeman Hall 7
Kasser Theater 5
Life Hall 4
Machuga Heights 2
Overlook 3
Panzer Athletic Center 5
Richardson Hall 9
Russ Hall 1
Schmitt Hall 1
School of Business 12
School of Communication & Media 3
School of Nursing and Graduate School 4
Science Hall 6
Sinatra Hall 2
Sprague Library 2
Stone Hall 2
Student Center 4
Student Recreation Center 2
University Hall 8

Do I have to download the app?

If you don’t want to use the app, simply scan the QR code with your phone’s camera to unlock the donation via your phone’s internet browser. You’ll be able to contribute to charitable projects, but you won’t get the benefits listed above.

What if I’m not on campus?

If you’re not on campus, you can still participate by getting QR code sticker for your water bottle. Scanning the sticker on your bottle is the same as scanning a sign at one of our bottle fillers on campus. Stickers are available at the Student Center Information Desk.

Learn why you don’t need bottled water

Montclair's Water

Where does the University’s water come from?

We have two water providers:

  • The Montclair Water Bureau provides water to all of the buildings on our main campus.
  • New Jersey American Water provides water to all of the buildings along Clove Road.
Glass being filled with water

Worried about water quality?

Read the water quality reports from our providers to learn the specifics:


Water Conservation

Saving Water Where We Can

As part of our Green Building program, all newly constructed and renovated buildings are equipped with efficient plumbing fixtures.

Water-saving fixtures such as the waterless urinal started appearing on campus with the construction of University Hall in 2004. These urinals use Ecotrap which consists of a lightweight biodegradable fluid called Blue Seal. The liquid traps the odors and sediment drops to the bottom of the trap to help prevent the pipes from clogging. The waterless urinals do not overflow and have reduced water usage by 45,000 gallons per year for each urinal.

Additionally, many older buildings that are not scheduled for major renovations are being evaluated for fixture replacements to ensure that we conserve water, no matter the age of the building. For example, read about Freeman Hall’s equipment upgrade from February 2021.