Changing Your Program of Study

As an F-1 student, you are issued an I-20 and admitted to the United States for a specific educational program. If you have received admission to a new program of study at Montclair State University (for instance, if you are completing a bachelor’s and beginning a master’s or just starting a new degree program at the same level, like a second master’s degree), you must obtain a new Form I-20 for your new program before your F-1 status for your current program of study ends.

Before changing your program of study, meet with faculty members from the academic department that houses the program in which you are interested. You should gain a full understanding of the degree requirements (including what credits, if any, will transfer from your current program) and admissions process before starting a new program. Once you are certain you want to start a new degree program (or change programs), you should submit your application to admissions. If you are simply changing majors, you may not need to complete the process described below, but you will still need a new I-20. Please contact the Office of Global Engagement for assistance regardless.

To be eligible for a new I-20, you will need to provide the following to the Office of Global Engagement:

  1. An admission letter for the new full-time degree program at Montclair State University.
  2. A completed Change of Level I-20 Application.
  3. The documents that accompany the I-20 Application, including proof of financial support to cover your new program of study, a copy of your passport’s biographical page (with your picture), and any applicable dependent documents.

Please contact the Office of Global Engagement for additional guidance.

Please Note:

If you are transferring to another U.S. school to start a new program of study, you will instead follow the steps outlined on the Transferring Schools page.