Graduate Transcript Evaluation Options And Process

The Office of Graduate Admissions does not evaluate international transcripts. In lieu of a transcript, applicants with a non-U.S. degree must submit an OFFICIAL course-by-course evaluation of their academic record. You may provide your own or you can be considered for a free evaluation provided by us to a limited number of qualified students. See the options below.

Option 1: Provide your own transcript evaluation
  • Submit an evaluation from a NACES-member transcript evaluation company:
  • The evaluation must include the following:
    • Course-by-course grade/credit evaluation
    •   U.S. Degree equivalency
    •   Overall GPA calculation

Note that unofficial evaluations are not accepted. You must contact the evaluation company to have an official document sent directly from the company to Montclair State University. 

By providing your own evaluation you will retain access to it for any future use and this may save some time with your admissions process at Montclair State University. You will be, however, responsible for all costs associated with this service.

Option 2: Utilize Montclair’s Free Evaluation Service (limited availability)

Montclair may be able to provide a free transcript evaluation to some students if they do not currently have their own.

Note: Only a limited number of free evaluations are available. We CANNOT guarantee all requests for this service will be approved.


  1. Submit your Montclair State University application and ALL required documents.
  2. Once ALL required documents have been uploaded, you will receive an email asking if you are interested in the free evaluation service. Submit the request form to confirm your interest in the service. NOTE: Students with incomplete applications will not receive an invitation to request the service.
  3. Allow some time for admissions to make an initial review of your application.
  4. If selected for the free evaluation service, you will receive an email with instructions about submitting ORIGINAL documents directly to SpanTran. If NOT selected, you will receive an email informing you of our decision. You will have to provide your own NACES-member approved evaluation in order to continue with your application process.
  5. Once the transcript evaluation has been completed by SpanTran (generally within 5 days), SpanTran will send the completed evaluation directly to Montclair.
  6. Your application will then be reviewed for admissibility by the academic department and you will be informed when a decision has been made.

Important considerations:

  • By receiving the free transcript evaluation service, Montclair State University is not guaranteeing admission to the academic program you applied for.
  • The evaluation is at no cost to you unless additional verification is required (SpanTran will charge you a fee, not Montclair State University).
  • This process may add time to the Montclair State University application process.
  • You will not have access to this evaluation. SpanTran and Montclair will not share it with you.

In addition, the University reserves the right to offer a limited number of free transcript evaluation services. Certain criteria will be used to determine eligibility, including but not limited to:

  • Meeting overall minimum admissions criteria
  • Attending an Indian 3-year degree holders: only NAAC “grade A” UG institutions
  • Documentation provided
  • Timing of submission
  • Financial resources available to offer this service

If selected, you must carefully monitor your email for instructions about requesting the service and instructions about submitting documents to SpanTran. The link for submission of documents to SpanTran is personalized and cannot be shared with others. After emailed SpanTran instructions are received, you must work directly with SpanTran to submit documents and provide any follow-up they may request. Montclair cannot submit documents to SpanTran on your behalf. If additional document verification is necessary, you may be asked to pay a fee to SpanTran for this.