Borrower’s Policy

  • Eligible borrowers include Montclair State University faculty and staff et al.; Montclair State University students, families, alumni and retirees; Bloomfield College of Montclair State University students, faculty, and staff, and non-Montclair State borrowers, which includes community borrowers, extended-community borrowers and corporate borrowers.
  • Montclair State University and Bloomfield College of Montclair State University faculty, staff, and students need a valid University ID card. Alumni need an MSU Alumni ID card. Montclair State family borrowers must provide their Montclair State University Family ID card. A driver’s license cannot be substituted for the ID card. To borrow library materials, you must be registered in the Library’s automated circulation system. You may register by presenting a University ID card or an Alumni ID card.
  • Borrower records contain the identity of a patron and information concerning their use and circulation of library materials. This information is strictly confidential and is not divulged or discussed with anyone except the patron.
  • Borrower IDs are not transferable. Patrons may not allow others to use their University ID to borrow library materials. Report theft/loss of your University ID to the ID Card Office.
  • Borrowers are responsible for informing the Access Services Department of any changes in address, telephone number or academic status so their borrower record can be updated.
  • Borrowers are responsible for library materials checked out using their borrower ID and are liable for any overdue fines (where appropriate) and fees for damaged and lost materials.
  • Borrowers are responsible for keeping track of the due dates for borrowed materials and for returning or renewing them by the date due.

View loan periods for borrowers.

Overdues, Fines and Fees

  • No fines are charged for overdue items for library patrons, however, further borrowing will not be permitted until items are returned or the library obligation is paid.
  • For students, unpaid library obligations will be referred to Student Accounts, which may result in the inability to register for classes or reserve a dorm room, and the withholding of transcripts and/or diplomas.
  • A fee of $80.00 (average book price) will be charged for lost books. However, the Library retains the right to determine the value of any lost book. No refunds will be given for books returned after payment has been made. Costs will be assessed for damage to library materials.
  • Payment may be made in person or via mail. Bring checks or money orders directly to the Access Services Desk. Students may pay bills with credit cards at the Student Accounts Office. Remit checks or money order to the Access Services Department, Harry A. Sprague Library, Montclair State University, Upper Montclair, NJ 07043. Please make checks or money orders payable to Montclair State University.
  • Unpaid fines and fees will be referred to a collection agency.