Donations Policy

Due to our limited capacity at this time, please contact us to discuss any potential donations. (See contacts below).


The donations of alumni, faculty and community members to the Harry A. Sprague Library have strengthened and enriched the collection of more than 500,000 volumes which supports the teaching, research, cultural and outreach services of Montclair State University. Please help us to better serve you by following these guidelines:

  • The Library accepts materials offered as donations with the understanding that they will be evaluated using the criteria set forth in the Collection Development Policy (2022) (PDF).  Only those donated materials meeting these criteria will be added to the Library collections.
  • The Harry A. Sprague Library may also receive tax-deductible gifts, donations, endowments, bequests and trusts arranged through University Advancement. Gifts of money may be designated for a particular subject area, as a memorial, or for other purposes such as purchase of equipment or furnishings.
  • The Library does not accept items that may be rejected on the basis of poor physical condition, outdated content, inappropriate academic level or subject focus.  The Library reserves the right to determine which of the donated items to add to its collection and to dispose of those items which it decides not to keep. We do not accept textbooks, popular fiction novels, juvenile books, magazines, journals or other periodicals.
  • However, the Archives may accept donations of magazines, journals, other publications or memorabilia as long as they relate to the history of Montclair State University.
  • The Library does not appraise donations for income tax deduction purposes.  The responsibility for appraisal and its cost rests solely with the donor. The Library will provide a letter of acknowledgment if the donor wishes to have one sent to a mailing address.
  • The responsibility for delivery of donations rests with the donor.
  • Donations of 15 items or less are accepted at the Collection Development/Acquisitions Department from Monday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • Boxes of donations must be delivered to Montclair State University’s Central Receiving addressed to Collection Development/Acquisitions Department, Sprague Library.
  • Book Plates will be put in donated books upon special request of the donor.
  • A note will be added to the Library Online Catalog upon special request of the donor.

Questions about donations to the Library may be directed to:
Suxiao Hu at 973-655-7151 or

Questions about donations to the Library Archives may be directed to:
Paul Martinez at 973-655-3465 or