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Chinese Minor

View the Chinese Minor requirements in the official course catalog.

NEW course offerings announced! In addition to the courses listed for the Chinese Minor below, we are pleased to be offering two new Chinese language courses, both of which will fulfill minor requirements. Contact for more information.

NEW CHIN 206: Spoken Chinese: Spoken Chinese is an intermediate language course whose main goal is to develop students’ spoken skills in Chinese with a secondary emphasis on raising students’ cultural awareness. This course aims to develop proficiency in oral comprehension, oral expression and conversational interaction, as well as to improve pronunciation and tones. The course will provide intensive practice with conversational Chinese in real life situations and will enable students to strengthen previously learned language skills while simultaneously further build up their vocabulary and grammar usage. Students will also explore and understand situational etiquette and Chinese culture and society through conversation practice.

NEW CHIN 231: Business Chinese: This course focuses on the development of culturally appropriate written and oral communication in business contexts. Specialized vocabulary, discourse styles and the interpersonal etiquette required to function effectively in the Chinese-speaking business world will be addressed, as well as the organization and culture of businesses in Chinese-speaking countries. Students who complete this class will develop the skills necessary to conduct professional interviews, meetings and presentations, and produce written communication in a variety of styles required in a business setting, including emails, reports and letters. Taught in Chinese.