Photo of student on computer

How Can Chinese Be Useful to You?

Learning Chinese is useful in our daily life in many different ways. Let’s check out how Chinese is useful to our student, Carly Ortiz, winner of Honorable Mention in Chinese Essay Contest, 2017.

Q: How is Chinese useful to you?

A:  Chinese has various economic, social and personal benefits. Learning Chinese is economically beneficial to me because it strengthens my character, which in turn intensifies my work ethic. In the U.S., knowing a second language is not only beneficial in becoming a prime applicant when searching for a job, but it also provides me with various ways to appreciate differences between cultures.

Q: What’s the most unique thing about the Chinese language?

A:  The most unique thing I’ve learned about Chinese is how to read and write characters. People find it very entertaining and impressive that I not only know another language, but that I can interpret Chinese characters. At first, Chinese seems difficult to learn but the more I practiced, the more I realized how beautiful and unique the language really is.