photo of student walking on campus in the fall

Italian Academic Programs

The Italian Program at Montclair State University offers a variety of degrees and certificates as well as courses that fulfill requirements towards degrees. See list below and full descriptions via the links and on the left menu:

  • major in Italian opens the door to graduate studies or professional opportunities in research, tourism, retail, and industries like wine, film, fashion, to name only a few.
  • major in Italian Teacher Education allows graduates to bring la bella lingua and culture to NJ elementary, middle and high students (K-12)
  • minor in Italian enhances any major! Vary your marketable skills by connecting Italian to your degree in communications, science, art…whatever major you are pursuing. The role of Italy historically and presently in any field is fascinating.
  • post-BA Instructional Certificate in Italian provides university graduates and other professionals the opportunity to pursue their passion and become certified Italian teachers. It’s never too late!
  • Courses toward a second field certification in Italian help current certified teachers in the State of NJ seek certification in Italian, which ultimately will make them more attractive during job searches or for advancement opportunities.
  • World Languages and Cultures Requirements courses allow students to cross linguistic and cultural borders, and experience another language “from the inside.” Explore the linguistic elements which are inexorably linked to culture to develop communication skills and cultural awareness.
  • General Education courses provide core skills and abilities, including multicultural and transnational awareness, which prepare students for a career.
  • Italian Culture courses in English introduce you to Italian culture and civilization in English, whetting your literary, cinematographic and, inevitably, your linguistic appetite.
  • Italian American Studies Courses introduce you to the fascinating history of Italian immigration in the U.S. through film, literature, language, food, arts and music.