Career Opportunities

We recommend that students learn about employment demand before spending money on their education. Here are some of findings of our own market analysis for the CX and UX Research Certificate:

  • Local and National job postings for User Experience and Customer Experience have substantially increased since 2017, and employment is projected to grow faster than average for market research analysts and marketing specialists until at least 2030
  • U.S. employment for Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists are expected to grow more than 21% between 2020 and 2030
  • The national median earnings in 2022 for these job titles is $65,554.89, or $31.52 per hour. In New Jersey, the median is higher at $84,836.68 or $40.79 per hour
  • The Automation Index is estimated at 88.6, and this is considered a below average level of risk of automation
  • Some of the top companies posting jobs in this field include Oracle, Verizon, Bristol-Myers Squibb and MarketingCrossing

Source: Emsi Profile Analytics Report