Why should you pick Montclair State?

The Certificate in CX and UX Research is one of a kind, and not surprisingly, it was our own students in the Master’s in Social Research & Analysis that suggested the program in 2019. We think that makes the program itself a truly customer-driven solution.

A quick internet search can reveal many for-profit companies offering fast online training certificates in the business of customer experience, but few offer training on the grounded methods of primary data collection, analysis and communication that set the best CX and UX Researchers apart from others. UX programs are easier to find, but most are more focused on UX Design. We have yet to find another program that combines the value of both CX and UX Research skills to expand your versatility and resilience on the job market.

In just 10 months and less than 14 credits of low-cost tuition, you can earn the Online Certificate in Customer (CX) and User (EX) Experience Research from anywhere in the world. Our varied online course offerings and portfolio-building experiences can enable you to learn from home or on the road, or wherever you are, and often on your own schedule.

You will also have the chance to further your education by applying credits you earn in this program toward the Master’s in Social Research and Analysis or the Certificate in Data Collection & Management. Or if you hold these credentials already, some of the credits you’ve already earned may apply.