What are CX & UX Research?

Customer (CX) & User (UX) Experience Researchers are vital contributors to a customer driven approach to product and service delivery. They possess the curiosity and communication skills that organizations need to best serve their customers and clients.

CX Researchers aim to become experts at understanding their customers. They’re sometimes described as “nerds about customer needs and interests.” Their role is to map the customer journey across all touchpoints with an organization, like their trips to the store, visits to a website or calls to customer service. They learn what piques our interests, what makes us happy, and also what can lead us to look somewhere else to find something we want. They share this information with their teams to improve their products and services.

UX Researchers do the same for users of all sorts of services and devices like the apps on our phones, the websites we visit, the cars we drive and even the electronic devices we use in stores, restaurants, train terminals, and everywhere else you can imagine. They use techniques like usability testing, card sorting and ethnographic field visits to understand things from the user’s perspective.

Both CX and UX Researchers provide crucial assistance to the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Designers that actually create and program the latest technological devices, interfaces and services we enjoy.