Frequently Asked Questions

Are the GRE’s or any other tests required?

No. Check our page on How to Apply.

When are the courses offered?

Courses are offered in the fall, winter, spring and summer semesters. You can go to NEST to view the current schedule.

Are classes offered online or in person?

We are now offering two program paths to complete the Social Research and Analysis (M.A.). Both paths can be completed in as little as 16 months and are designed to provide you with flexible learning options to pursue your graduate education.

Hybrid Program Option
Take a mix of on-campus and online courses for a customized learning experience. Choose this option if you can come to campus for at least one course per semester. You will still be able to choose online courses. This choice will give you increased opportunities to interact with students and faculty in person.

Online Program Option
Take all your classes online from any location, in the United States or anywhere in the world. Online courses are offered in both synchronous and asynchronous formats. All of the course offerings provide you with opportunities to engage fully with your peers and professors online.

The Hybrid Program Option is also recommended for International Students intending to reside in the United States on an F1 Student Visa

What are the different kinds of online courses I can take in the Hybrid or the Fully Online Program Options?

Students in both program options will take a mixture of asynchronous online courses in which they learn from video and audio recordings on their own schedule, synchronous online courses in which they attend class online on a regular weekly schedule and hybrid courses in which they can attend live classes online or in person. Students in the Hybrid Program Option can also attend classes in person.

When are the face to face and synchronous online classes held?

All of these courses are held on Monday – Thursday at 5:30pm or later.

Are there opportunities to network with employers and learn about job openings?

Yes, we send a monthly digest of new job openings to all students. We also host an annual networking conference, and some classes include opportunities to work with real professionals in social policy and in market research.

When can I begin?

Students may begin in a fall semester or a spring semester.

Can I concentrate my elective courses in a specific area?

Yes. Although we do not offer formal concentrations, students enjoy the ability to take their electives in a choice of four areas: Social Policy, Business Analytics, Communications and Media or Earth and Environmental Sciences.

How long does it take to complete the MA degree?

The shortest possible time is 16 months both for the Hybrid program option and the Fully Online option. This assumes students register for courses before they close. Early registration is highly recommended.

Where can I find the schedule of course offerings?

Go to NEST for listings of our courses in fall, winter, spring and summer.

Can I earn any certificates while I complete the degree?

Yes. All Master’s students can earn the Certificate in Data Collection and Management by taking no additional courses, but an application is required. Students can also earn certificates in Customer & User Experience Research or in Business Analytics by combining their electives with a couple of extra courses in those fields. You will need to apply separately for the certificates, but the applications are free and you do not need to duplicate all of your materials.

I am a senior, can I take any classes before I graduate to try the program out?

Yes. Students with 105 undergraduate credits completed may take up to two courses before they graduate if their GPA is above a 3.0. Tuition is charged at the graduate rate, but courses count toward both the MA in Social Research and Analysis and the Graduate Certificate in Data Collection and Management. Use this form to take graduate courses as an undergraduate.

I am a junior. Can I finish early by combining my undergraduate and graduate degrees?

Yes, undergraduates majoring in sociology, economics and mathematics can apply for a Combined Degree requiring just one additional year of study beyond the undergraduate level. Follow this link to learn more about the Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s program in Social Research & Analysis.

I am a graduate student in another program. Can I switch to this program?

Yes, please contact us at to learn about your options.

I am a graduate student in another program. Can I register for just 1 or 2 courses?

Yes, when space is available. Ask your department if they can count for elective credit. You can also earn either or both of the Certificates in Customer & User Experience Research and Data Collection and Management. Master’s students do not have to pay an application fee for these programs.

Is there an application deadline?

No. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Contact Information

For information, email

For questions about the application process, contact The Graduate School at or 973-655-5147.

How much does it cost?

The program requires the completion of 30 graduate credits.  View the current rates of graduate courses per credit here.

Are there any Information Sessions?

Yes. Check here for Information Sessions or visit us at Graduate Open House. Attendees save $60 on their Application Fee.

How do I apply?

Apply here.