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Montclair State University COIL Fellows for Academic Year 2021-2022

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COIL Infographic

Congratulations to the Montclair State University inaugural cohort of COIL Fellows!

Montclair State University COIL Fellows AY 2021-2022

Montclair State is committed to fostering transformative opportunities for students. International academic collaborations offer highly accessible, high-impact experiences for students that transform perspectives and support the development of intercultural competencies. The Montclair State University COIL Initiative was established in support of these goals.

Collaborative On-Line International Learning (COIL) is:

“A model for fostering cross-cultural student competence through the development of multi-cultural learning environment that links university and college classes in different countries.” — SUNY COIL

The Offices of International Engagement and Faculty Advancement have partnered with each other, and through SUNY COIL Center, to increase awareness of COIL at Montclair State and support faculty in developing COIL collaborations and projects in their courses.The COIL Fellows Program is the signature element of this initiative. The goal is to create excitement and momentum around COIL leading to a culture of COIL across campus and increased opportunity for students to engage in international experiences. The COIL Fellows program will prepare faculty by providing resources, support, toolkits, global connections, workshops and a COIL community for sharing best practices and challenges.

We congratulate the inaugural cohort of Montclair State COIL Fellows:

Name Title Department College Potential Course Name Potential Partner Country
Katherine McCaffrey Associate Professor Anthropology CHSS ANTH 150 Cultures of Latin America or

HONP 102 Honors Seminar in 20th C. Civilization

Yawei Wang Associate Professor Hospitality & Tourism FSOB HSET 335 International Experience in Hospitality, Sports, Events and Tourism China- TBC
Yeon Bai Professor Nutrition and Food Science CEHS undecided South Korea
Clement Alo Associate Professor Earth and Environmental Studies CSAM Planet Earth Ghana or Ethiopia- TBC
Timothy Gorman Assistant Professor Sociology CHSS SOCI 220 Sociology of Rich and Poor Nations Latin America, esp. Ecuador- TBC
Gregory Pope Professor and Department Chair Earth and Environmental Studies CSAM EAES 497 Senior Seminar or

EAES 402 Seminar in Sustainability Science

Sze Yan Liu Assistant Professor Public Health CEHS HLTH 506 Health Systems Research Health Professions Canada or Brazil- TBC
Aihua Li Professor Mathematics CSAM MATH 495  Topics in Statistics for STEM Educators “Preparation for Industrial Careers in Mathematics” undecided
Arnaud Kurze Associate Professor Justice Studies CHSS JUST 103 Introduction to International Justice undecided- Japan, Balkan region, Germany, France, Spain, Northern Africa or the Middle East- TBC
Elizabeth Emery Professor World Languages and Cultures (French) CHSS undecided undecided
Fawzia Afzal-Khan Professor English CHSS ENGL 117 World Literature: Voices of Tradition and Challenge Pakistan, Morocco, undecided
Kathleen Bauer Chair Department of Nutrition and Food Studies CEHS NUFD 560 Nutrition Counseling for Diverse Population Groups undecided
Robert Winston Taylor Professor of Urban and Environmental Studies Earth & Environmental Studies CSAM EAES 509 Current Issues in Sustainability Science Vietnam
Teresa Fiore Professor of Italian and Inserra Chair in Italian and Italian American Studies World Languages and Cultures CHSS ITAL 111 Italian for Spanish speakers Italy, then Argentina or Colombia
Antonella Calarota-


Spanish language coordinator and Instructional Specialist Spanish and Latino Studies CHSS SPAN 135 Spanish for Heritage Speakers Mexico
Jason Frasca Entrepreneur-ship Instructor and Co-Director MIX Lab Management FSOB ENTR 290 Advanced Topics: International Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Sustainability Austria
John Soboslai Assistant Professor Religion CHSS Globalized Religious Cultures; International Unity and Diversity in Religious Practices undecided
Kate E. Temoney Assistant Professor Religion CHSS RELG  Religion and Human Rights Belgium, England, undecided
Daniela Peterka-


Associate Professor Justice Studies CHSS JUST 355 Human Trafficking or Genocide, Global Crime, Comparative Criminal Justice Systems Austria, undecided
Jean Alvares Professor Classics and General Humanities CHSS HUMN 202 General Humanities II China, undecided

This year’s COIL Fellows are funded by: International Engagement in the Provost’s Office, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Department of Earth and Environmental Studies, the Department of Nutrition and Food Studies, and the Department of Mathematics.

COIL Fellows are pioneers and leaders of internationalization. The COIL Fellows Program offers:

  • Support and resources through Montclair State Offices of International Engagement and Faculty Advancement.
  • Intercultural Learning toolkits and materials
  • SUNY COIL Center Professional Development course
  • SUNY COIL Center Global Network of international faculty to establish partnerships
  • Access to SUNY COIL webinars, resources and toolkits
  • Participation in the inaugural MSU cohort of COIL Fellows community group meetings
  • Recognition through campus-wide announcements, news items and an achievement ceremony

COIL Fellows are expected to:

  • Actively participate in a SUNY COIL professional development course in Spring 2021
  • Actively participate in identifying a faculty partner from an international institution
  • Actively participate in COIL Fellow meetings and information sharing
  • Develop a COIL component into a course in Fall 2021 and/or Spring 2022
  • Communicate your COIL course and project plans to the COIL Coordinators
  • Promote COIL and cross-train faculty in your department, college and/or across campus
  • Serve as a mentor to faculty who wish to develop COIL in their courses

Please check the Montclair State COIL webpage as it continues to grow.

As courses are developed, a list will be included along with an application in the summer for faculty who wish to join the next cohort. Faculty interested in developing a COIL module in their class outside of the COIL Fellows program are welcome to do so and should contact a COIL Coordinator for any questions and assistance.

Montclair State COIL Coordinators:

Domenica Dominguez, Director, International Engagement, Office of the Provost

Julie Dalley, Associate Director, Office of Faculty Advancement, Office of the Provost

Wendy Gilbert-Simon, Student Mobility Coordinator, International Engagement, Office of the Provost