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International Internships

International Internships

Virtual International Internships
Experience the ever-changing world of work directly from your home! Virtual international internships allow you to gain academic credit, professional work experience, and build a global network.
  1. Terms: Fall, Spring, Summer terms available
    • Fall/Spring: Students may participate on part-time internships during the Fall/Spring terms.
    • Summer: Students may do a part-time or a full-time internship.
  2. Academic Credit:
    • Virtual International Internships promoted through International Academic Initiatives are all offered for academic credit.
    • Students wishing to apply internship credit to their Montclair State program should work with the Registrar to transfer their credits once they receive their program transcript.
    • If students would like internships to count towards major/minor credit, they must have it approved by the appropriate department chair via the Request to Work at Another Institution form and submit to International Academic Initiatives via your application.
  3.  Application Process:
    • Students must first apply through appropriate Montclair State program page using the application links below.
    • Students will also need to fill out the application directly through the provider they are choosing.
  4. Virtual International Internship Providers: Students may participate on virtual internships through one of the following Montclair State University affiliates:

5. Costs:

  • International Academic Initiatives is waiving the Montclair State Application fee for virtual international internships.
  • The above providers charge their own program fee.  Students are responsible for paying the program fee directly to the provider.
Abroad International Internships
Study Term + Internship

Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter break

Students can opt for study abroad programs that include an internship. Our affiliates listed below offer study term + internship programs. These are credit-bearing internships which include coursework tied to your internship and maintain your enrollment at Montclair State.

 Note: In order to receive academic credit on an ISA Internship program, students MUST:

  1. Participate in at least an 8-week program
  2. Request Transfer Credit from Carroll College (additional $300 flat fee)
  • SIT – SIT offers a Pell-Grant match to any student currently receiving a Federal Pell Grant
  • CRCC – International Internships with CRCC Asia

Why participate in an international internship?

  • Explore your career path while getting a deeper understanding of professional practices in a different country
  • Acquire intercultural competencies through hands-on work experience
  • Boost your resume and gain a competitive edge in the job market
  • Grow your international network of professional contacts
  • Earn academic credit that counts towards your major, minor, or other degree requirements (subject to program & department chair approval)