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Why Study Abroad?

There are so many reasons why you should study abroad. Having this experience will improve your intercultural skills, your ability to navigate unfamiliar terrain, and your ability to adapt. This will be true for a program of any duration, from 1 to 2 weeks to a full academic year. If you make these gains and feature them in your resume and in interviews upon graduating from college, you will have an advantage in just about any career you pursue. Also, did you know? Study abroad is #16 on the Montclair State Bucket List! See more here

Study abroad is a life-changing experience you won’t want to miss. There are few other opportunities that provide the educational and personal growth you will gain by living and learning in a new culture.

Through study abroad you will meet new people and enrich yourself in new ways, developing skills and confidence you will carry with you throughout your life. Students who study abroad find that by living and learning in a new environment their academic, personal and even professional horizons open up in ways they may not have imagined.

You will find that study abroad offers many benefits:

  • Opportunity to see a different part of the world in its context.
  • Personal enrichment, growth and independence.
  • Deeper cultural awareness beyond films, media and the evening news.
  • Fresh perspectives and ways of thinking about the world.
  • Academic credit.
  • Linguistic immersion from beginner to advanced levels.
  • Experience that is prized by employers in a wide variety of fields.

As a Montclair State University student, the world can be your classroom. We offer a broad and diverse assortment of study abroad opportunities for students.

  • Montclair State University offers academic programs in over 50 countries.
  • Semester, academic year, summer and short-term programs are available.
  • Programs can fit into most majors’ study plans without delaying graduation.
  • Students can use financial aid to study abroad.
  • Students can receive credits at Montclair State University for study abroad.
  • Students can take classes in English.

You will have the experience of a lifetime! Where do YOU want to go?

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