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IAI Welcomes Our New Director, Tim White!

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Tim White Shanghai
IAI's new Director, Timothy White, in Shanghai, China.

The Office of International Academic Initiatives (IAI) is pleased to welcome our new Director, Tim White!

Tim was previously the director of the New Jersey City University Honors Program, where he first began as a faculty member in 2009.  During his time at NJCU, he took students on faculty-led programs to Peru, Mexico, Spain, Morocco, Japan, and China.  He also chaired the Internationalization Lab at NJCU and hopes to use that experience to help celebrate, support, and expand current internationalization efforts at Montclair State.  He has a strong interest in history. Tim received not only his Bachelor’s Degree in History from Dartmouth College, but he also went on to complete a PhD in Urban History from Columbia University.  While at Dartmouth, he studied abroad in Mexico and in the United Kingdom.  Tim regularly leads academic walking tours of New York City neighborhoods and looks forward to taking MSU students on NYC-immersion learning field trips.  Additionally, he also authored the book “Blue-Collar Broadway”, published by Penn Press, which chronicles the globalization of Broadway’s backstage craft trades, such as scenery, costumes, etc.

As the new Director of IAI, Tim hopes to expand access to our study abroad and study away opportunities to a wider variety of MSU students.  He plans to use scholarship funds to bring study abroad within the financial reach of as many students as possible, and he will work to ensure that all MSU students know that study abroad is indeed for them.  Furthermore, he plans to enhance the office’s connections with MSU Hispanic Initiatives and our international engagements with Spanish-speaking countries in Central and South America.  He looks forward to expanding our global reach so that students have more options to study abroad in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia.  Lastly, Tim is committed to supporting the academic departments that are already highly active in faculty-led programs, while also engaging the departments and colleges which have not participated in a while.