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Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-Led Short Term Programs are either week-long spring break trips embedded within a spring semester course or one-month summer programs, led by Montclair State University faculty members. A group of students and faculty travel together with a particular academic focus.

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Semester and Academic Year Exchange Programs

Semester and Academic Year Exchange Programs give students the opportunity to directly enroll in one of the 20+ universities abroad with which Montclair State has partnered. Montclair State students live and learn alongside host country students.

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Summer Programs

Summer Programs allow Montclair State students to take courses during the summer at one of Montclair State’s partner institutions abroad. The program choices vary giving students different tuition payment and course options.

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Affiliated Programs

Affiliated Programs are offered by third-party providers or institutions. Montclair State has partnered with these providers to expand opportunities and offer hundreds of study abroad programs for Montclair State students

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Study Away in the USA

National Student Exchange (NSE) provides accessible collegiate study away to undergraduate students at member colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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International Internships

Students have the opportunity to participate in an internship during the Fall, Spring, Summer, or Winter term. Internships may be for credit or non-credit.

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Conduct Research Abroad

Students looking to conduct research abroad have the opportunity to do so on select Fall, Spring, or Summer term programs.

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Search by Destination

Find the program that is right for you based on your specific interests. Use the map to search by country or use the advanced search tool to find programs based on major, language, or region.

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Virtual Opportunities

Virtual international programs allow students to gain international exposure when travel is not possible. Virtual experiences listed here are part-time and may or may not be for credit.

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Factors to Consider When Selecting a Program

Every study abroad program offers different types of structure and support. It is important to ask yourself what you hope to get out of your study abroad experience and what you need to succeed. Consider some of the factors below before applying.


How do you feel about traveling alone to another country? Do you feel more comfortable traveling with a group? Do you look for more structure in a program or are you able to succeed with little support?

Problem-Solving Skills

Are you proactive and self-reliant in solving any issues you face? Do you look for help from others to solve an issue? Are you able to calmly face a problem or do you find it difficult to come up with a solution?


Are you interested in immersing yourself in a different culture? Are you looking for support in preparing yourself to live in and adapt to another culture? Can you be comfortable with a certain level of ambiguity about your program before your departure?

Which Program is Right for You?

Not sure which program is right for you? Take this short quiz to find a program!

Exchange Programs:

You will be in class and living with students from your host institution. Exchange programs may require a greater level of independence and the ability to be self-reliant. This program type may offer slightly less structure and require more adaptability, but will provide a deeper culturally immersive experience.

Faculty-Led Programs:

These programs are led and taught by Montclair State University faculty who are familiar with the location. You travel with a professor and a group of Montclair State students. These programs are very structured and offer various types of excursions and activities that relate to the courses you take while abroad.

Affiliated Programs:

You will likely be in class and living with other Americans from different universities. These programs offer structure and support that you can take advantage of when you need to, but also allow for some independence.

National Student Exchange:

Participating in a domestic exchange provides the opportunity to experience life outside of New Jersey and away from home. You will be in class and living with students from your host institution, either within the United States or in Canada, depending on the program. United States programs offer structure and support that you can take advantage of when you need to, but also allow for some independence. Programs in Canada may require a greater level of independence and the ability to be self-reliant, but will provide a deeper culturally immersive experience.


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To learn more about scholarships, please visit this page. The Gilman Scholarship is located under Federal Scholarships and SOAR Scholarships are listed under Montclair State Scholarships.