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Returned Students

Welcome back to Montclair State! We at the Office of International Academic Initiatives (IAI) are happy to have you back and are very excited for you to share your stories about studying abroad. We understand that along with the excitement of returning home, you will also be going through re-adjustment and reverse culture shock. Here, you can find some strategies to help with re-adjustment as well as different ways to stay involved in international activities.

Become a Study Abroad Peer Advisor (SAPA)

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It is common for students returning home after living abroad to have a difficult time adjusting. The experience of coming home may spark the same emotions you felt when arriving in your host country for the first time. Students don’t realize how much has changed while they were away and don’t understand why friends and family members aren’t as excited about their stories from abroad as they are. This may cause a number of emotions, including boredom, frustration, restlessness, feeling isolated, reverse homesickness, negativity towards your home and others.

The reverse culture shock you may experience when returning home is normal, it just takes time and a bit of research to get through it. Try to readjust to life at home without losing the ideas and values you learned while abroad.

Here are some tips for making re-adjustment at home easier:

  1. Keep in touch with your friends from abroad.
  2. Become a SAPA and share your experience with prospective students at Montclair State.
  3. Get involved with activities that continue your learning (language classes, cultural activities, etc.)
  4. Incorporate your host culture into daily life (cooking, music, dance, etc.)
  5. Seek out coursework, employment or volunteer work with an international focus.

Re-Entry Conferences

Check here regularly for updates about regional re-entry conferences for returned study abroad students from the area.

Back to the Big Apple: Life After Study Abroad

NJPSA Study Abroad Re-Entry Conference – TBD!

Your Study Abroad Portal

After returning home, log back in to your study abroad application on the IAI website. Here, you are now able to enter your information as an alumnus and write about your experience abroad. Your story may be published on IAI’s website! For more information on the alumni information, e-mail

After Graduation Opportunities