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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if CGES is right for me?

We suggest reading through the CGES program components and curriculum, student profile, and this FAQ as a starting point. If you are still unsure, contact us and we are happy to discuss further!
Are classes taken with other Montclair students?

Yes, the CGES curriculum requirements are fulfilled by Montclair State University undergraduate courses. CGES students will register for undergraduate classes and take those classes alongside Montclair undergraduate students.
What type of support is offered in the CGES program?

Student support is built into the CGES curriculum each semester through the required CGES core courses. During these courses, students may engage in person-centered planning to develop and monitor their goals, identify supportive resources on campus, and create learning plans for courses. Additionally, CGES students have the option to request undergraduate peer support for academic, social, and recreational engagement while on campus. CGES does not provide medical or personal care assistance, or behavioral interventions. CGES does not provide 24/7 assistance for navigating campus beyond an orientation period of about 2-3 weeks at the start of the semester.
What if I need additional support beyond what CGES offers?

Students who need support beyond the scope of what CGES can offer will need to provide their own support when on campus. We are happy to coordinate work with personal care assistants, life coaches, or other individuals who will be on campus with CGES students.
Are classes online or on campus?

CGES is considered to be an on-campus program and students should expect to be on campus regularly. However, some of Montclair’s courses which fulfill the General Education and Concentration requirements may be offered as online or hybrid courses. Students would not be restricted from enrolling in these online courses if the course aligns with the student’s personal interests and goals.
What days and times will I be on campus?

Every student’s schedule will be individualized dependent on their course schedule and extracurricular activities. Courses are typically scheduled for about 3 hours on Wednesdays, or about 1.5 hours on Mondays/Thursdays or Tuesdays/Fridays. There are social and recreational activities scheduled nearly every day of the week including evenings and weekends. Students’ schedules will change each semester.
Is transportation provided?

CGES does not provide transportation. Students are expected to have reliable transportation to and from campus to meet their schedule needs. There are NJ Transit bus and rail lines that stop at Montclair’s campus.
Can I live on campus?

At this time, CGES is a commuter only program.
What is there to do on campus other than take classes?

CGES students are encouraged to take advantage of the many social and recreational opportunities on campus. Montclair has over 100 student-led organizations and student life events happening nearly every day on campus. Students can also access the George Segal art gallery, Yogi Berra museum, Ice Arena, and recreation center with basketball courts, a swimming pool, fitness classes, and more, all on Montclair’s campus.
Will I get any work experience in CGES?

Yes, all students are required to take CGST 275: Supervised Work Experience in their final semester. This course requires that students complete an internship, externship, or other work experience plus seminar.
How many classes do I need to take to graduate?

Students must pass a minimum of 36 credits to graduate with their Certificate in General Education Studies in 2 years. This averages about 3 classes every semester, including New Student Seminar, 3 General Education courses, 3 Concentration courses, and 15 credits of CGES core courses. The remaining credits needed to meet the graduation requirement can be taken as free electives, or any course the student chooses. An academic advisor will be assigned to each student to help plan their course schedule and ensure they will meet graduation requirements. Students can expect to take between 7 – 11 credits in their first three semesters, and between 10 – 16 credits in their final semester.
How much does CGES cost?

CGES follows the standard rates for Montclair State University undergraduate per credit costs. There is no additional program fee for the CGES program.
  • Tuition is approximately $492.00 per credit hour
  • Approximate cost per semester: $4,200-$4,700
  • Total approximate cost for two years: $16,800- $18,800
    Please check Red Hawk Central for the most up-to-date cost and fee rates. Tuition and fees are posted on the university website once they are determined for the academic year. Please note that the cost per semester will vary depending on how many credits students register for each semester. Students and families should be aware that the cost of attending any university can be more than tuition and fees. Educational expenses can also include the cost of books, course materials, supplies, and equipment, food, transportation, and miscellaneous personal expenses.

    What financial support is available?

    If you are eligible for services through New Jersey’s Division of Developmental Disabilities or New Jersey’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services, please ask your team. They may be able to help you pay for some courses. You may also be eligible to apply for a scholarship. Ruby’s Rainbows is dedicated to providing college scholarships for students with Down syndrome. KFM Making A Difference provides scholarships for students with Autism to pursue postsecondary education.
    Help us stay up to date! Please contact if you know of additional scholarship opportunities.
    What credential will I graduate with?

    CGES is a non-degree program. Students will earn a Certificate in General Education Studies, this is a Montclair State University granted credential. The CGES program curriculum is recognized by the University and by the NJ Office of the Secretary of Higher Education.