MA in Reading

Coordinator: Dr. Erik Jacobson
Office: University Hall, Room 3233

Phone: 973-655-3471



The MA in Reading (33 credits) prepares educators to meet present and future demands as literacy specialists.  The program emphasizes practice informed by current theory and research and provides a range of learning experiences that enhance candidates’ understanding of what it means to be an effective literacy educator.  Program graduates will be prepared to serve in a wide array of educational roles in a variety of settings.

It is expected that students in the program will graduate with a broad and multifaceted understanding of literacy. Graduates will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively provide developmentally appropriate literacy instruction for a diverse population of K-12 learners, including English language learners, students with disabilities and those who are struggling with literacy. Graduates will also be able to identify and respond to social and cultural developments that are changing the way students read and write, including the growing use of digital technologies. Graduates will be prepared to work with students at the classroom level and with colleagues at the school level to enhance literacy instruction more broadly.

Courses in the program are offered in different modalities, including face-to-face, hybrid and fully online.

It is strongly recommended that students enrolling in the Master of Arts in Reading already hold a professional certification and have spent at least one year teaching in schools or working with students in a professional capacity.  Students who already have their initial teaching certificate and two years teaching experience are also eligible for Reading Specialist certification with no additional coursework required upon graduating from the MA Reading.

Program Requirements

Program Admission Information

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Adding the Supervisor Certificate (Post-Masters)

This four-course program of study fulfills the New Jersey Department of Education academic requirements for the standard administrative certificate with a supervisor endorsement. If they meet the teaching requirement (three years teaching under certification), MA Reading students can apply for the Supervision Certification program in their last semester in their master’s program. They will then have to complete three additional courses to receive the Supervisor Certificate. The fourth required course in the program will be waived because of coursework completed for the Masters of Reading.

Supervisor Certificate Program Information

Students interested in the Supervisor Certification program should contact Eunice Grippaldi.

Phone: 973-655-7718

Additional Graduate Programs in Reading

Admission Information

All candidates must meet application and admission requirements as defined by The Graduate School.

Additional Student Responsibilities:

  • Students are responsible for seeking advisement from their academic advisor for registration and completion of degree requirements.
  • In order to complete the program, students must file the proper audit forms in the Registrar’s Office: October 1 for May graduation, March 1 for August graduation, and June 1 for January graduation.
  • Any variation from this work program must be approved by The Graduate School through the proper filing of a substitution form.