“Rocky the Red Hawk” Usage

Please Note: As of July 1, 2024, Rocky’s image will be changing.

Rocky’s image and name should always be used in specific ways to ensure consistency and keep up with his brand. Please follow these standards outlined by the University.

Rocky’s Name:

Rocky always goes by one of the following:

  • Rocky the Red Hawk
  • Rocky

Further, “Red Hawk” on its own, is always two words, capitalized.

Rocky’s Image:

Official Montclair State University department fliers, videos and social media channels are permitted to use Rocky’s image if the following standards and guidelines are met.

Permitted Images and Usage:

All class projects and community requests to use Rocky’s image use must be approved first by the Advisor of Team Rocky.

Prohibited Images and Usage:

  • Any Rocky wearing a shirt that says “MSU.”
  • Any “red” Rocky the Red Hawk
    • The red costume is now used for his sister Roxy’s persona.
  • Rocky must always be posed and portrayed in an appropriate manner (ie: no profanity, foul language or inappropriate gestures).
  • old rocky not permitted for use red rocky not permitted for use

Rocky is Unbiased:

  • Rocky does not express or favor any one political view or religious affiliation.
  • Rocky does not favor or show favoritism towards any one student, club or organization.
  • Rocky loves and supports all his fellow Red Hawks equally!