Residency Requirements

Residency Requirements for In-State Tuition

Persons residing in New Jersey for a period of 12 months before first enrolling at Montclair State University are presumed to be domiciled in this state for tuition purposes. **  Domicile means: The place where a person has his/her true, fixed, permanent home and principal living establishment, and to which, whenever he/she is absent, he/she has the intention of returning. 

Residence established solely for the purpose of attending a NJ College or University dose not constitute domicile for tuition purposes. 

Dependent students are presumed to be domiciled in the state in which their parents(s) or legal guardian(s) is domiciled.  

A student must present evidence of his/her domicile to the institution to qualify for resident tuition rates. Such evidence must include:

  • NJ drivers license; motor vehicle registration; or voter registration card

And a minimum of 3 of the list below:

  • A copy of his/her New Jersey resident Income tax return (please block out any identifying numbers such as SS#)
  • A copy of the parent’s (s’) or legal guardian’s (s’)  NJ income tax return
  • Evidence of ownership or a long term lease on a permanent residence for a period of one year
  • A sworn, notarized statement from the student and/or his /her parent (s) or legal guardian declaring domicile in NJ for a period of one year
  • Any proof of employment in the state for a period of one year

This documentation must be submitted to Student Accounts Office located in College Hall, Room 218. 
When received a decision will be made as to the students' residence status; additional documentation may be required upon request of Student Accounts. If you have any further questions, you can e-mail:

**This policy does not pertain to students that have a current Visa Status noted on their account. These student need to contact the International Services office for any type of residency status adjustment. International Services is located at the Global Education Center, 22 Normal Avenue, phone number 973-655-6862 or email at