Third Party Payment

The Office of Student Accounts offers to invoice directly third-party company/sponsors after the Add/Drop Period (such as the US Federal Government, foreign governments, private companies, etc) for the educational costs of Montclair State University students. Montclair State University only accepts a Letter of Credit from a student under the condition that the sponsor/company will pay Montclair State University directly by the established Payment Deadlines. A Letter of Credit does not relieve the student from any financial responsibilities to Montclair State University.

Payments to Montclair State University

All payments must be made directly to Montclair State University by the established deadline. In instances where a company/sponsor will not remit payment until after the completion of a course or semester or if payment is contingent on grades, it is then the student’s responsibility to arrange for payment of his or her balance by the Payment Deadlines and seek reimbursement from their company. Should the balance not be resolved, you will be subject to late fees, removal from housing, Canvas deactivation or deregistration.

Letter of Credit

All students must present the Office of Student Accounts an official Letter of Credit in person at Red Hawk Central (on company letterhead) on or before the semester due date. Any remaining balance that the Letter of Credit may not cover becomes the responsibility of the student.

The student is ultimately responsible for all amounts due on their account. In the event the company/sponsor fails to make payment, financial responsibility will revert to the student. It is ultimately the student’s responsibility to monitor his/her bill on NEST and contact his/her company regarding payments being sent to the University.

In order to ensure prompt processing, authorizing document must contain the following information (authorizations which fail to meet any of these requirements may be deemed insufficient).

  • Student name.
  • Montclair State University CWID number.
  • Name, physical address, and email address of the company/sponsor.
  • Academic terms covered.
  • Types of charges covered (i.e., tuition, fees, housing, etc.)
  • Expected dollar amount of coverage.
  • Any special invoicing requirements of the company/sponsor.

Third Party Agreement

In order to ensure prompt processing, a Letter of Credit should be sent to the Office of Student Accounts, at Red Hawk Central. View Third Party Agreement Form.

If you have questions regarding received documents, payment status, or processing time please contact the Office of Student Accounts directly, via Red Hawk Central.