Students sitting on the third floor of the Student Center studying and having conversations.

Study Abroad Financial Aid

Montclair State offers a variety of study abroad options for students wishing to participate in this program. Students are encouraged to meet with the staff in the Office of International Academic Initiatives early to determine which program is best for them. Students are also encouraged to meet with the Financial Aid Office Study Abroad coordinator and with their academic advisors to ensure a smooth transition.

Students should be aware that aid disburses during the first week of classes at Montclair State. Depending on the parameters of your chosen study abroad program, you may have to pay out of pocket at first. Aid will not be disbursed earlier for an individual student. If you have questions regarding receiving a refund check or the timing of the refund process, please visit Red Hawk Central.

Exchange Programs

All students are billed by Montclair State University. Eligible aid may include:

Affiliated Programs

The student is billed by the program or another University, and not Montclair State University. These programs are not eligible for New Jersey state grants. Eligible aid may include:

Please note: If you have a Montclair State waiver, private loan or outside scholarship, you should contact your lender and/or grantor to inquire about the process of using these funds to study abroad.

Summer and Short-term Programs

These programs take place during winter or summer sessions and are shorter than a traditional semester. Financial aid for these terms is limited. Visit Red Hawk Central to discuss your eligibility for funding. There are also scholarships available to help assist with the balance for summer and short-term programs. For more information contact the Office of International Academic Initiatives.