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What Are Holds?

Holds are placed on a student’s account when students have not completed necessary requirements established by the University or have not paid their outstanding bill. You can check to see if you have a Hold on your account by:

  1. Log into your NEST account.
  2. Select the “Register for Classes” page from the top left toolbar.
  3. From here, select “View Your Holds”

What do I do if I have a “Hold?”

Make sure you take the action required to remove the Hold before you are scheduled to register for classes. The first step is to call Red Hawk Central 973-655-7600 or redhawkcentral@ montclair.edu or the office (shown as originator) who placed the Hold to understand how to remove the Hold.

Can I register before I take the required action to remove the Hold?

Every Hold is different. To understand what is required of you, call Red Hawk Central 973-655-7600 or redhawkcentral@ montclair.edu or the appropriate department (shown as originator on your account) to understand how the Hold affects you. Students with an outstanding balance are unable to register or receive transcripts because they are blocked by Financial Holds. It is important for you to take action immediately.

Common Types of “Holds”

Advising Hold

Advising Holds are typically placed on student accounts for academic reasons. If you have an advising Hold on your account you should reach out to your advisor to discuss options for having this Hold removed. All information concerning your advisor can be found via Degree Works.

This Hold WILL PREVENT registration until you meet with your advisor.  

Immunization Hold

All new students must submit evidence of immunization to the University Health Center. For more information, please visit the Immunizations web page. Please do not fax documents to the University Health Center.

This Hold WILL PREVENT registration until you submit the needed paperwork to the University Health Center.    


Contact the University Health Center at 973-655-3459 or immunization@montclair.edu.

Graduate Continuous Matriculation Hold

This Deactivation Registration Hold is applied to Graduate students who have failed to adhere to the Continuous Matriculation Policy.

This Hold WILL PREVENT registration until you meet with your Graduate advisor.  


Contact The Graduate School at 973-655-5147 or gradschool@montclair.edu.

Insufficient Funds Hold

This is a Hold which is placed on an account when a payment is returned due to insufficient funds or another reason stated by your bank. This Hold will remain on an account until the returned payment amount, plus the returned check service charge, is paid in full.

This Hold WILL PREVENT registration, release of a transcript, diploma and the ability to view your grades until your account balance is paid in full.


Parking Fine Hold

This Hold is applied to any student with an outstanding parking ticket. Contact Parking Services to relieve this Hold or pay this citation online!  Only staff from Parking Services can remove this hold.

This Hold WILL PREVENT registration and release of a transcript until your parking fine is paid in full.

SA Small Balance Holds

Small Balance holds are placed on a student account that has a balance due less than $200.

This Hold WILL PREVENT release of transcripts, and viewing of grades. 


SF Financial Holds

Financial Holds are placed on a student’s account when a student has not paid their outstanding bill. This Hold WILL PREVENT registration, release of transcripts, viewing of grades, receiving your diploma upon graduation and submitting an application until the balance is paid. 

You can pay on NEST using a credit/debit card or with an electronic check. Due to social distancing and safety protocols the cashiers cannot be on campus every day. Credit/debit card, ACH and payment plan payments are accepted on NEST 24/7. We are accepting appointments for cash payments for extenuating circumstances only, please send an email requesting an appointment to Student Accounts. Credit/Debit cards are not accepted at the Student Accounts Cashier’s Window.

You can view your bill by:

  • Logging into your NEST account.
  • Navigate to the “Student Accounts” page and select “View Account Summary by Term” under the “View My Bill” portlet.

Check your financial aid:

  • Review your financial aid requirements on NEST or StudentForms – if documents are pending or missing, this will prevent aid from disbursing
  • Review your financial aid funds – do you have loans offered but not accepted? There is still time to accept and process your loans to help with your billed charges
  • Do you need to apply for additional loans? Review Loan Information.


Testing Hold

Students who require testing for their major or who have not completed testing for appropriate course placement may have a “Testing Hold” on their account.

This Hold WILL PREVENT registration.


Questions regarding this Hold should be directed to the Center for Academic Success and Tutoring (CAST) 973-655-5425 or asc@montclair.edu.