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University Closings

Last Modified: Wednesday, February 16, 2022 4:32 pm

The President has the authority to determine when local conditions warrant a delayed opening, early closing, the cancellation of classes and activities, or the closing of the entire campus.

Considerations in Making Closings

It will be the University’s intention to remain open and operating whenever possible. Therefore, members of the campus community should assume that the regular class and activity schedule will be in effect unless otherwise notified.

When inclement weather threatens, University leaders review information from a number of sources, including the National Weather Service, state and municipal agencies regarding highway and local road conditions, as well as campus officials who determine the status of parking lots, roads and walkways.

A primary consideration for the University is the conditions on campus. In a snow event, that means whether campus walkways, roadways and parking lots can be cleared in time for classes to occur.

Because members of our community travel to the campus from many different areas, individuals should consider their personal circumstances in making a decision about whether or not to come to campus when the weather is a concern.

For example, the roads may be heavily covered where you live but dry on and around campus. You may feel very confident in your driving ability while others will be less sure about how to maneuver in ice or snow. You may be using public transportation and road conditions are not as important a consideration.

Students who have extraordinary circumstances to consider should discuss this matter with their faculty members, before the need arises.

Employees should discuss their situation with their supervisor, who may be able to approve a short-term request to work from home under the University’s Flexible Work Arrangements Policy.

Notification Methods

When it becomes necessary to curtail University operations, including implementing a delays opening, early closing, cancellation of classes and activities, or closure of the campus, the University will make every effort to notify the campus community by multiple means.

  • Email: Sent to all students, faculty and staff.
  • Text Message: Sent via the RAVE Guardian Text Alert System. Students are automatically registered through their emergency contact information in NEST. Faculty and Staff are automatically registered through their emergency contact information in Workday. Please ensure your mobile phone number is accurate.
  • Website Pop-up Message: A pop-up message will appear on the University’s homepage. If additional details are available, a link to a News item will be included in the pop-up message.
  • Social Media: Messages will be shared on official University platforms @montclairstateu and @redhawklife.

Please Note: Do not call the University Police for weather alerts! Instead check the website and your email account.

Department Communication

Each division and department should develop its own emergency closing chain to alert individuals to such information. Faculty teaching late afternoon and evening classes may wish to establish such a closing chain with students so that they can be notified of a canceled class before coming to the campus.

It is possible that there will be occasions when the Governor’s office announces a general closing of state offices even though local conditions do not warrant such an action. In this event, employees should follow instructions relayed from Trenton through the President’s Office.

When University classes are not canceled but a faculty member is unable to reach the campus because of weather conditions or other reasons, the department chair’s office should be notified immediately. Students shall be notified by a posted notice on the door of the classroom that the class is canceled.