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Ceramics is offered within the Visual Arts (BA)

Ceramics courses encourage students to explore the medium of clay as a means of developing personal sensibilities and giving expression to a wide range of experiences. Experimental in nature, the program allows students to work with clay in its pure form or to combine it with mixed media to develop unusual and unique pieces.

Most graduates of the program continue their involvement in the arts long after graduation, many also becoming recognized through grants and awards (e.g. one of our alumni received the gold medal for her ceramics from an international exhibition at Faenza, Italy, while another has held several offices in the National Council for Education through Ceramic Arts.) Alumni have also been accepted by some of the most prestigious graduate programs in the country.

In addition to working as fine artists and craftspeople exhibiting and marketing their work, ceramicists find employment in the ceramics industry as technicians and engineers, working for companies that produce tableware, artifacts and other commercial ceramic products.

What You Will Study

Students in ceramics courses may explore vessel or sculptural forms in their work and often choose to do both. Techniques include coiling, hand building and wheel throwing. In addition, students explore the chemical and aesthetic properties of various clay bodies, stains and glazes

Strong technical development and understanding of the science of ceramics are emphasized in the program, leading to advanced work and experimentation with porcelain, stoneware, terracotta, earthenware, paper clay, raku and adobe. Majors also learn to fire their own kilns.

Curriculum requirements, including course descriptions for drawing, may be found through the link below:

Visual Arts (BA)
About Studio Facilities

The Department of Art and Design occupies several buildings on campus housing fully equipped studios for all areas including ceramics. The ceramics studio remains open for individual use when classes are not in session, with technical assistants available to assist students during open studio hours.

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About Student Work

Students in ceramics produce work which ranges from functional vessels to realistic and abstract sculptural forms.

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Apply Now

Students interested in the Ceramics specialization must first apply to their intended studio major. Following acceptance into the major, Ceramics may be declared as a specialization.

Admission requirements for all programs may be found on the Department Admissions page.