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Photography is offered as a area of study within the following programs:

We all know the expression "A picture is worth a thousand words." Indeed, few modes of communication are more powerful than photography in conveying meaning to life, defining purpose, documenting behavior and effecting human response. For all of this and more, photography is a tool and an art form that both engages as well as captivates us.

Photography 2The Photography area of study at Montclair State – at the undergraduate and graduate levels, focuses on the art, activity and process of creating still images on photosensitive surfaces. The goal of the specialization is to graduate critical thinkers with personal vision and literacy who are as equally at home in the arts as in the world of professional photography.

Students are exposed to the full range of photography techniques – both analog and digital – from 35 mm and 8 x 10 imaging, to the use of electronic software with color management and output. Non-traditional photography techniques (platinum/palladium printing, cyanotype, Woodburytype, etc.), using computer-generated or wet negatives, are also explored.

Photography at Montclair is studied as an art form unto itself, as well as a tool for commercial purposes. The wide range of courses gives students great freedom and opportunity to develop individual interests and specialization, with expert guidance from an esteemed faculty.

Internationally recognized instructors, guest speakers and workshop presenters have been inspirational to our students and have included renowned professionals such as Mac Adams, Zeke Berman, Peter Bunnel, A.D. Coleman, Gregory Crewdson, Larry Fink, Emmet Gowin, Ralph Gibson, Ed Kashi, Duane Michals, Andrea Modica, Laurie Novak, Sylvia Plachy, Susan Sontag, Jan Staller, Jerry Uelsman, and William Wegman.

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What You Will Study

Curriculum requirements for studio programs, including course descriptions for photography, may be found through the links below:

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Studio Facilities

Photography Studio

The Department of Art and Design occupies several buildings on campus, housing fully equipped studios for all art areas including photography. The photography studio remains open for individual use when classes are not in session, with technical assistants available to assist students during open studio hours.

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Student Work Galleries

Photography | Student Work – All Programs

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Apply Now

Students interested in the Photography area of study must first apply to their intended studio major. Following acceptance, Photography may be declared as a specialization in accordance with the guidelines of the major.

Admission requirements for all programs may be found on the Department Admissions page.

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