Faculty mentoring PHD student

Co-op Grading


Co-op faculty advisors determine students’ grades based on:

  • How well the student fulfills the terms of his/her learning agreement
  • Quality of the projects completed by the student
  • Number of hours spent on the job
  • Feedback provided by the student’s worksite supervisor regarding his/her work performance

Incomplete Grades

Incomplete grades will be granted by faculty advisors in cases where a student has completed most of the work for a course and extraordinary circumstances preclude him/her from finishing work by the end of the semester.  Incomplete grades will be posted for a period of approximately six weeks after the submission of final grades:

  • Fall: February 15th
  • Spring: June 30th
  • Summer: October 15th

If work is not completed and a final grade is not posted within that time, the grade will revert to an “F”.

Faculty advisors will no longer need to submit incomplete contracts, the grade sheet will suffice.  Individual faculty members, schools and/or colleges may continue to use the incomplete contract; however, it will not be submitted to the Registrar’s office and the six week period will be the maximum permissible course completion.