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Co-op Enrollment Process

Student Eligibility

  • Generally, a student must have a 2.0 minimum GPA and have earned 30 credits; however, some departments have additional academic requirements, such as prerequisite courses, faculty approval and higher GPAs
  • Transfer students with Associates Degrees are eligible for co-op
  • Transfer students without degrees must have at least 9 credits at Montclair State, have at least 30 accumulated credits and earned the minimum GPA requirement for the major

Course Credit

Students seeking to earn credit for their co-op experience must enroll in a co-op course during the same semester that they are participating in the co-op program.  Credit options vary depending on major and concentration; students need to discuss their options with their career services office.  A maximum of 16 credits can be earned through Cooperative Education over the course of a student’s entire undergraduate enrollment.

Enrollment Deadlines

All co-op students must be enrolled by the last day of the Add/Drop period of the semester and should start preparing for enrollment in the semester preceding the one in which they wish to take a co-op course.

The student MUST work with the career services office in their school/college to receive a permit into the co-op course.  Departments and faculty advisors SHOULD NOT issue a permit without first speaking to the appropriate career services director.

If a Student’s Position is Terminated

If a student is terminated from a co-op position after registering for the co-op course, the student must find a new position that meets co-op standards. The position must call for the same length of employment and qualify for the same number of credits as the prior position.

Both the Career Services Director and the student’s Co-op Faculty Advisor must approve the position before the student is allowed to accept it. The student will have to develop a new Learning Agreement and have it signed by the Co-op Faculty Advisor and the new Employment Supervisor.