Faculty mentoring PHD student

Faculty Advisor Site Visits

Co-op Site Visits

The semester calendar specifies that the co-op faculty advisor will visit the students’ work sites to monitor their progress.  Suggested areas to discuss with the worksite supervisor:

  • Student performance/progress related to learning objectives
  • Student attendance/completion of required hours (if applicable)
  • General work habits of student (e.g. professionalism, work ethic, etc.)
  • Technical instructional requirements specific to the program and site
  • Employer mid-term and final evaluations
  • Closure of the co-op experience
  • The organization’s willingness to continue to hire Montclair State co-op students

Site Visit Travel Reimbursement Information

Co-op faculty site visit expense reports for mileage, parking, tolls and public transportation are to be calculated from the University or from the faculty member’s home — whichever is the shorter distance.  All expense reports must be submitted in Workday within 30 days of conducting the site visit.

Your travel reimbursement will be covered under the Center for Career Services’ cost center. Please contact The Center for Career Services for a detailed guide on how to submit an expense report for your co-op site visits in Workday.